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KNM: Volume 10 Chapter 6

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Aklan School of Magic

To save Qiusi, Barbalis had activated teleport as fast as he could, but he still underestimated Liola's alertness and speed, and therefore caused Qiusi to sustain yet another attack. Barbalis knew Qiusi's wounds meant there was not a second to waste. However, due to the limited distance of teleport, he had no choice but to continuously activate teleport, and rush towards the Commerce Alliance, hoping they have recently invented even better healing Maxuns.

To avoid wasting any time, Barbalis teleported directly to the room where the three Commanders meet with their subordinates. When he completed casting the last teleport, the two of them appeared directly in the center of the meeting room — the spot where the three Commanders were.

The three of them were frowning as they listened to their subordinates' report on the battle situations in Aklan, and they were in the middle of the dilemma of whether they should contact Aklan's Prime Minister Qiusi. Little did they know, after a flash, an Aklan Prime Minister with a foot in hell's gate appeared in front of them.

"Hurry! I want the best healing Maxun!" Barbalis immediately yelled at the three.

The Red Commander was the first to react. Even though shock was still visible on her face, she said immediately, "Follow me!"

Barbalis didn't waste any time on pleasantries. He carried Qiusi and followed. Even though the Red Commander's footsteps were quick and hurried, Barbalis felt the warmth quickly draining from Qiusi's body. He wished she knew teleport as well, so she could take Qiusi directly to the Maxun.

Luckily, the place the Red Commander was heading to was not far from the meeting room. A large metal door with an "X" marked on it. The Red Commander swiped her badge, and the door opened. The room was giant, perhaps because whatever inside was enormous.

It was a giant healing Maxun Barbalis had never seen before. Its volume was quite possibly larger than a matured Dragon. A normal healing Maxun was usually made of a simple cylinder with liquid inside, a control panel, and a base. This healing Maxun, however, had more than two dozen tubes coming out of the liquid chamber, each connecting to a complex instrument standing at a person's height. The Maxun's control panel almost made Barbalis dizzy: it had hundreds of buttons, dozen or so knobs, and many switches.

The Red Commander pressed a few buttons on the control panel. A robotic metal arm held a stretcher reached up to Barbalis, who immediately placed Qiusi onto the stretcher. The robotic arm moved again, putting the patient on the stretcher into the liquid chamber.

The Red Commander performed a series of healing tasks. She first stabilized the patient's wounds, and then began to analyze the injuries so she could come up with a best plan of action.

The Maxun quickly stopped Qiusi from bleeding. When the analysis result was displayed, the Red Commander began to stare blankly at the screen, because the situation was worst of its kind!

The Maxun was, undoubtedly, great at treating physical injuries; even if the patient had all of his bones broken, it wouldn't be a big problem for the Maxun. For a normal healing Maxun, organ damage usually would be a problem as well, but to this Maxun, which was the result of the Commerce Alliance's highest technology and tremendous amount of money, it was also a piece of cake.

The only problem remaining was a damage method that even the highest of Knights may not know: sending aura directly into the opponent's body to damage them. The healing Maxun had no way of expelling the aura. All it could do was repair the body the moment the aura would cause any damage, and when the aura finally dissipates on its own, then the patient would be cured... assuming, of course, the patient would be still alive by then.

"Go look for Meinan."

The Red Commander said, then focused her attention back onto the control panel, trying to find a way to save the Prime Minister. Nevertheless, because she wasn't completely confident it were possible, the Red Commander had to ask Barbalis to look for Meinan, so he could see his father for what may be the last time.

Hearing this, Barbalis' face was filled with despair. He wanted to remind the Red Commander with something like "try your best", but when he saw the Red Commander focusing all her attention on the control panel, and her hand, despite it being not very fast, was nervous to the point of sweating, he knew the Red Commander was indeed already trying her best.

Barbalis walked to the door to the room, with a heavy heart, to look for his good friend's son. Who knew that, as soon as he opened the door, he would see Meinan standing outside trying to catch his breath, with Kaiser, Daylight, and Purity were standing behind him, as they always have.

"Qiusi, he..." As soon as he said those words, he saw Qiusi in the giant healing Maxun. Meinan could not believe what he saw. He walked, step by step, towards Qiusi. He looked through the thick glass at the person inside. His head was completely in a mess now. He had never seen his father through a layer of glass, because his father would never get hurt, right?

Wasn't his almighty comprehensive protective shield protecting Qiusi at all times? How could he have gotten hurt?! And he's almost dead? Impossible!

"How did you guys know...?" Barbalis asked Kaiser quietly.

"Today's meeting was about the issue with Aklan Republic, so Purity asked us to use the surveillance Maxun to spy on the meeting." Kaiser explained quickly, then worriedly glanced at Meinan. He turned his head towards back towards Barblis, and asked as quietly as he possibly could, "What's Qiusi's situation?"

Barbalis didn't answer; he didn't want to reply with that answer. Simply by looking at him frowning and refusing to answer, Kaiser immediately understood, the situation was far worse than they could imagine, or perhaps even...

Kaiser turned around to look at Meinan, who acted as if he didn't even know where he was, or what he was doing. He could only stare blankly through the glass, at his father. When Purity saw Meinan like this, she felt bad in her heart. When she wanted to go over to comfort him, Kaiser stopped her. She looked at Kaiser in confusion, who shook his head, because it wasn't time to comfort Meinan yet.

Kaiser turned around, with anger in his eyes, as he asked with a refrained voice, "Who hurt Qiusi?"

Hearing this question, Barbalis' face instantly changed colors. He had been worried sick about Qiusi's condition, and had forgotten about this serious question: the person who injured QIusi was Liola, but how could he tell Kaiser and others this?

Seeing the changes in Barbalis, Kaiser immediately felt doubt in his heart. Barbalis must know who it was, but he didn't want to tell them. Why wouldn't he? Could it be because he was afraid they might go against their judgment for revenge? So the answer might be... Dragon Emperor? Shouldn't be; Kaiser immediately opposed his own conclusion; the answer would be far too obvious, and even if Barbalis did not say so, they would have guessed the same.

Could it be Lancelot? Blood Wolf? Kaiser almost guessed even Cappuccino. But he thought again, if Cappuccino could beat Qiusi, he would already have been the Dragon Emperor by now, and he wouldn't still be a Prince.

No matter how much Kaiser guessed, he never thought once "Liola" might be the answer.

"Barbalis, do you really plan on not telling us? You know Meinan would never let this go. Despite how much he says he hates his father, but even an idiot knows how close those two are. So you better tell us now, otherwise..." Kaiser began to threaten.

"Maybe later!" Barbalis interrupted Kaiser's threats, and his eyes focused on Qiusi in the liquid chamber. He was screaming in his heart, 'Qiusi, oh Qiusi, I really hope you'll be okay. As long as you live, then this issue with Liola injuring you could be told as a joke later on, but if you...' Barbalis didn't even dare to think about what would happen.


The Red Commander finally stopped, but her face was full of sadness. Meinan seemed to have woken up from a dream, and asked hurriedly, "How is my dad? Is he okay?"

The Red Commander was apologetic, "I'm really sorry. We can do little for Prime Minister Qiusi. This is a move very few Knights know: the attacker sends Ki into the body to continuously cause damage. The healing Maxun cannot expel the Ki, so it can only heal where the Ki damages the body, until the Ki dissipates on its own."

"However, Prime Minister's Qiusi's condition is not very good, and the Ki that entered his body was stronger than anything I've seen before..." The Red Commander tried to say it as tactfully as she could, "I'm afraid the Prime Minister may not be able to outlast the Ki."

"Is there any other methods?" Meinan forced himself to calm down. The teaching of the Glory family was to always keep calm; impulse wasn't something that could resolve problems.

"There is another way. If you could find someone with even more powerful aura, enough to expel the Ki in his body, then the Prime Minister's wounds aren't that bad at all... but there are no Knights in the Commerce Alliance." The Red Commander said straightforwardly.

"Mommy! What do you mean there are no Knights? Brother is a Knight." Purity yelled loudly, then hurriedly rushed out, "I'll go look for brother."

The Red Commander, however, smiled bitterly and helplessly. Her daughter was rather impulsive. If Feir could heal Qiusi, she would've already asked her son to come, but she knew, Feir's strength was miles from that of Qiusi, so how could he have a more powerful aura than the person who beat Qiusi?

"An even more powerful Knight? Lancelot is probably out of the question, but what about the Dark Knight Blood Wolf?"

As soon as Kaiser spoke this hypothesis, Barbalis suddenly yelled in shock, then immediately disappear. Seeing him like this, everyone guessed he must be gone to look for Blood Wolf, and this calmed everyone down. After all, Blood Wolf had always been on good terms with them, and with his strength... although they haven't seen it, Blood Wolf was supposed to be on par with Lancelot, so he couldn't be much worse, right?


Meinan felt as if someone was calling out to him. He turned to see Qiusi, despite being in the liquid chamber, had opened his eyes some time ago, and was looking at him with a weak smile. Meinan hesitated, and then walked next to the liquid chamber, but in that instant, he did not know what he should say to his own father. He began to talk whatever came to his mind, "H-how are you feeling? Is it painful? Ah... Barbalis is already on his way to look for Blood Wolf, who will be able to treat your wounds shortly."

Qiusi kept looking at Meinan with a smile, and his lips seemed to have opened and closed. However, there was no way Meinan could hear what he said through the liquid and thick glass.

The Red Commander patted Meinan's shoulder, gesturing him to look at the screen on the control panel. Only one word appeared, "Really..."

Meinan blinked, and asked with uncertainty, "This is what Qiusi said?"

The Red Commander nodded. Another sentence appeared on the screen, "Sorry, Commander, could I speak to my child alone?"

"Of course."

The Red Commander nodded, and beckoned Kaiser and Daylight to leave the room together, leaving Meinan standing by himself.

* * *

To suppress the uneasiness in his heart, Meinan yelled out blame the moment he opened his mouth, "What are you doing? Can't you wait until your wounds are treated if you have something to say? Do you find it funny to talk while lying inside a healing Maxun?" However, he didn't realize his voice was trembling.

Qiusi smiled. Even though Meinan's tone was quite bad, but Qiusi could see the sorrow and shock on his child's face, and he really wanted to say something to comfort his own child, like "I'll be fine". However, Qiusi knew, whether he could make it was still anyone's guess, so he had many things he must tell his son first.

"Meinan, do you remember what I've told you before, the enemy who killed your mother is the Dragon Emperor?"

"I know, I won't hate Gladious, don't..." Meinan was going to say "don't worry", but he suddenly closed his mouth before he finished. He was unwilling to say that because, if his father really had nothing else to worry, then, then...

"Meinan, you have to remember, you must remember; the Dragon Emperor isn't just the enemy who killed your mother, he's also the person who killed your fa..." Qiusi suddenly stopped, and changed what he was going to say, "The person who harmed me was also the Dragon Emperor."

"Understood." Though Qiusi did not finish what he said, but the letters "fa" was clearly written on the screen. Meinan had to take several deep breaths before he could calm down, and he said with a smile, "When you've recovered, we will avenge mother together."

Qiusi sighed deeply, "Originally, I didn't want you involved in this battle, but now, I have no choice anymore."

"Of course you don't have a choice. The Dragon Emperor killed my mother, and harmed my companions again and again. Even the Aklan Republic has been torn by the flames of war. Even if you don't let me join, I would jump in myself; I will protect my companions and country." Meinan said with a firm tone.

Qiusi looked deeply at his child. He felt the child was practically a clone of him; what he said now was practically no different than what Qiusi said himself years ago. Seeing his child like this, as a father, Qiusi felt both proud and yet sorry, because Qiusi knew very well the heavy responsibilities this child would have to shoulder.

"The protective shield I taught you last time, have you made any progress?" This was what Qiusi cared about the most. If Meinan did not learn the shield well, he might not even be able to protect himself, let alone his companions and country.

Meinan nodded and said, "I've been practicing constantly with Purity. Ever since Kaiser and Daylight came back, other than eating and sleeping, we've been constantly practicing all forms of battles. I dare to say, although I'm not up to your level yet, but I'm at least 60% there. In a few years, I will definitely surpass you."

Seeing his child could say he would surpass his father in a few years without shame, Qiusi smiled. Even though there might be a degree of exaggeration in what he said, but Qiusi believed his child wasn't one to lie, and him saying a declaration like this must mean he was quite confident.

"Then now I can tell you." Though saying he was about to tell Meinan something, Qiusi instead asked a question, "In your opinion, what do you think of the battle situation between Aklan Republic and Miluo?"

Meinan's face sank. He had spent his recent days learning how to fight, but it was impossible for him not to care about his home country. He had always known Aklan had losing one battle after another, but the more Aklan lost, the less Meinan worried. Because he knew, his father was not an incompetent Prime Minister; Aklan had stood still under his control for hundreds of years, and there was no way it could be wiped off so easily.

Qiusi must have his plan, perhaps, a trap. Meinan had always thought of it so.

After a few thoughts, Meinan finally said his guess, "Aklan has been losing badly, but I think, that's only what it looks on the surface, and you must have your own plan."

Qiusi smiled; probably because nobody understood a father better than a son... suddenly he felt an intense pain coming from his chest, and blood oozed out of his nose and mouth, which made the liquid chamber red.

"Qiusi? Father?" Meinan couldn't help but yelled loudly. The blood covered up his vision, and he could no longer see how Qiusi was doing, this made him even more nervous and terrified.

Before long, the liquid chamber cleared out the blood, and the wound caused by the Ki in Qiusi's body was also healed, but the already weak Qiusi was now even worse. He knew he did not have much time left, so he said to comfort his son, "I'm fine, don't talk for now, listen to me."

Meinan had originally wanted to prevent his father from continue talking, so it wouldn't take away his already fading strength, but seeing Qiusi's pale yet determined face, he knew he couldn't possibly stop him, so all he could do was carefully listen to everything his father had to say.

"I did indeed have my own plan. I've been Aklan's Prime Minister for hundreds of years. I know the Dragon Emperor loves to assassinate, and I've encountered many of them before. Of course, the Dragon Emperor found out later that it was pointless to assassinate me, so he stopped trying." After saying that, Qiusi looked somewhat proud.

"However, I could only save myself, and no other." Qiusi's face darkened, "One time, I openly recruited many talented individuals, but they all died, one by one, in the hands of the Dragon Emperor."

"Finally I understood. I could not show my true strength on the surface, otherwise the Dragon Emperor would take them out one by one. I secretly nurtured quite a number of people, and of those, the most helpful ones were Barbalis and Gladiolus.

"In the Dark Street, Gladiolus had helped me train many Knights, powerful ones who are not loyal to the Dragon Emperor, including Assassins. Even though I don't like this method, but at least, when the Dragon Emperor sends for Assassins, there will be people who knew how to counteract them."

"I see, so Dark Street is the secret strength you are talking about." Meinan finally understood.

"And Barbalis, he helped me built Aklan's School of Magic."

"School of Magic?" Meinan was shocked. He had always lived in Aklan Republic, but had never heard anything about a School of Magic. The only school that came remotely close to magic was the School of Sorcery.

Qiusi smiled, "Didn't you all call Barbalis expulsion madman? Plus, in the years, isn't the School of Sorcery's graduation rate terrifyingly low?"

Meinan nodded. This was the truth: Aklan School of Sorcery wasn't a place where a normal person could graduate.

"In fact, those people who were expelled, despite not having graduated, they were sent to the School of Magic to 'further their education'." Qiusi looked with satisfaction at Meinan's dropped jaw, then continued, "Barbalis had been acting crazy for many years, and he made Aklan School of Sorcery look completely messed up. Many people believed it was his friendship with me that kept him in the principal seat of Aklan Academy... But truthfully, because of this, we were able to evade the Dragon Emperor from finding out the truth.

"Barbalis' magical prowess is actually quite high, but he never liked to show off his magic. The only person who possessed stronger magical abilities than him was none other than Gle, but on the subject of magic controlling techniques, perhaps even Gle wouldn't be a match for Barbalis. After all, because Barbalis couldn't match Gle in raw power, he had spent much time on control.

"In these years, he relied on his sharp senses toward magic, and picked out the students with the potential to be Magicians, and then find all sorts of excuses to expel them from school. On the surface, those students would then leave with disappointment...

"But in fact, after that, Barbalis made all those people go into the School of Magic... cough, cough!"

Qiusi started coughing again, because the Ki in his body was beginning to act up again. Although it was not as severe as the outbreak before, he still felt horrid having a Ki rolling around in his body. With every cough, a few strands of blood could be seen near his mouth.

"Don't say it anymore, rest first." Meinan saw this, and hurriedly advised.

Qiusi shook his head, and continued, "Just a bit more. Meinan, to hide the power, and to force the Commerce Alliance into this matter, I chose to let go of most of our land, even if it includes the capital. I wanted to use this as an excuse to make the Commerce Alliance fear they may be Miluo's next target, so most of the people in the Alliance would choose to support us. The three Commanders promised me before, if the majority of people in the Alliance agrees, they would definitely ally with us. When that happens, even if I show my hand with my secret force, the Dragon Emperor couldn't do anything about it.

"Unfortunately, the Dragon Emperor seems to know this well, so..." Qiusi smiled bitterly, so the reason used Liola to get rid of Qiusi.

"Meinan, you have to help me lead those hidden powers." Qiusi had sensed his heart beating slower and slower, and he could almost no longer feel his hands or feet. He tried to hold down his discomfort, and continued to explain, "Though Gladiolus and Barbalis are both stronger than you, they aren't the people who could plan and organize everything. You must be the commander behind them, but you mustn't appear anywhere on the surface, and use everything you could to make the Dragon Emperor ignore you, otherwise you won't be able to stop his assassinations..."

Other than that, there was another reason he could not speak: the Assassin may very well be Liola, and Qiusi would never want to imagine the scene of companions killing one another.

"I understand, I will definitely do as you say, father..." Meinan solemnly accepted his father's request, and then smiled bitterly, "However, can I not say 'don't worry'? You know, in stories, whenever someone says this, another person dies right after, so it's far too ominous... father?!"

Before Meinan finished, he saw Qiusi close his eyes, and then slowly lowered his head... Scared, Meinan charged up, and hit desperately at the glass, yelling desperately, "Father! Qiusi!"

"Father! Please, don't die. Didn't you always say you want to see your grandson?" Meinan smiled dryly, "There are many pretty female Mecha Fighters, and they all have great bodies. I'll go find one now and marry her, and you will have a grandson in ten months... please, don't die now, I still haven't told you how sorry I am, because I've misunderstood you about mother's death, I... sorry..."

Meinan put both of his hands against the glass, but he couldn't touch his father inside. He knew, he lost his only relative, the father who had always loved him. Meinan choked a few times, and yelled from the bottom of his heart, "Papa!"


"I seemed to have heard just now, that you're getting married?" Qiusi suddenly opened his eyes, and looked left and right, "Who is it? Who is my daughter-in-law? Is she pretty? Does she have a good body? Is her butt big enough? She has to have a big butt in order to give birth to..."


Meinan's forehead suddenly rammed into the glass, and his eyes stared at Qiusi, who blinked as though he was innocent. However, while he was doing, he began to cough again. Seeing this, Meinan's eyebrows knitted again.

At this time, Barbalis finally brought Blood Wolf back. No one knew where Barbalis had dug Blood Wolf out of, because his Knight uniform didn't even look like a uniform anymore, but instead, a rag that was put onto his body with ropes.

* * *

Blood Wolf, who was dragged here by Barbalis without so much as a "hi", looked at Qiusi inside the liquid chamber. He scratched his head then greeted, "Hello, Qiusi, how did you end up like this? I can't believe someone broke through your "shell"! That can't be? Your turtle shell is the strongest thing I've ever seen."

Qiusi smiled bitterly, but he couldn't say his "shell" was not destroyed from the outside, but instead he was attacked from within.

"Heal my father quickly!" Meinan was too anxious to care about courtesy, so he yelled directly.

Being commanded by a youngster, Blood Wolf didn't seem to care; he shrugged and replied, "Whatever, but at least you have to tell me what the situation is, right? Though the Knight uniform I'm wearing is broken beyond recognition, I don't even remember where my Knight badge is, and everyone says I don't look like a Knight... but even if so, you can't possibly assume I'm a healer, right? Why would you look for me to heal him?"

"Ah! Commander..."

Meinan hurriedly pulled open the doors, and saw others waiting outside as they were before, including Feir, who had arrived later. He quickly asked the Red Commander to explain the situation to Blood Wolf. The Red Commander nodded, and then repeated everything she had said before to Blood Wolf. Truth was, because Blood Wolf was a Knight after all, when the Red Commander mentioned the Ki damaging Qiusi from within his body, he had already understood everything.

"Damn! It's the most troublesome wounds." Blood Wolf knew things would be difficult, and he said straightforwardly, "Hey! Who attacked you? If it were the Dragon Emperor, how much of your funeral money do I have to pay?"

"... Can't you be a bit more subtle?" Qiusi didn't know how to react; he'd never thought someone would ask a dead man how much of his funeral one should pay.

"Who cares about subtlety?! Do you really think you have a lot of time to waste on talking? Tell me quickly, who did it?" Blood Wolf snapped.

Qiusi couldn't say anything, and then he glared at Barbalis; couldn't he have told Blood Wolf on the way? How could Qiusi possibly say it now?

"It was probably Liola who did it." Daylight said as a matter-of-fact.

As soon as this came out, everyone froze: Qiusi and Barbalis' mouths both became O's; Kaiser paused briefly, then murmured, "So that's who it was, no wonder no one was willing to say anything"; Purity had disbelief all over her face; the most important person, Meinan, had his mind completely blank upon hearing this, and he didn't know how to react.

Sure enough, Purity's voice raised a whole octave to emphasize her doubt, "How could it be Liola-dage? He would never do something like this!"

"However, this Ki indeed feels like Liola's." Daylight was simply speaking his observations honestly, and he didn't feel a single bit like he was accusing Liola for injuring Qiusi.

"Liola?" Blood Wolf paused, and then frowned, while murmuring, "Crap, now we really will have a funeral..." He didn't seem to notice he was rubbing salt into the wound.

Hearing what Blood Wolf said, Meinan didn't have time to care who injured his father, and asked quickly, "What do you mean? You're not weaker than Liola, right? Why don't you save my father?!"

Blood Wolf frowned and answered, "Whether I'm stronger than Liola, I don't know, but sending aura into others' body to damage is a move very few Knights actually know. Those who do not know this move could not possibly drive out the aura; after all, it's harder to drive it out than to put it in."

"You don't know it?" Barbalis' face turned pale.

"I don't know it." Blood Wolf admitted openly, and explained, "This move isn't exactly easy to learn. And by the way, even Lancelot doesn't know it. He thought this move was too evil, so he wasn't willing to learn it. I do know of one Knight who knows this move, but his strength is far below Liola's, so he can't drive out the aura in Qiusi's body either."

Everyone went silent. Neither the Dark Knight nor the Paladin knew of it, this was practically giving Qiusi a death sentence. After all, Liola's strength was at rank-X. If these two rank-X Knights couldn't help, their only other choice left would be the Dragon Emperor.

"Why can't we just look for Liola? He was the one who sent in the aura, so he must be able to drive out." Daylight said this simplest answer.

"Liola is under control, he wouldn't help us." Kaiser frowned. If he could even kill Qiusi, the level which Liola was controlled was far more than they had imagined. They would not be able to release this control anytime soon.

"Liola will recover." Daylight believed it as such.

"But my father doesn't have the time to wait!"

Meinan suddenly yelled loudly, and it echoed through the entire room. After that, the room was filled with silence, and awkwardness was on everyone's faces. Kaiser was trying his hardest to hint with his eyes towards Daylight to not provoke Meinan anymore, but Daylight had no idea why Kaiser was blinking his eyes so much, as if his eyelids were having a seizure.

Daylight then nodded, and explained, "Right, we don't have much time. With my estimates, my master... Ah! My master in the other world, he taught me acupuncture... a move that, with my current strength, could suppress 60% of the aura within Prime Minister's body. Plus, there is another acupuncture point that would lower his bodily function to its lowest, where he's practically in a fake death, and it would be enough to keep the Prime Minister alive for a year or so."

Having said this, Daylight looked a bit worried. He said, "It means we have to restore Liola to his old self within a year; otherwise, I'd have to use all of my power to maintain the Prime Minister's life, and even then it will only last another half a year or so."

Daylight tried to think desperately, trying to remember any other way his master had taught him that would extend the Prime Minister life. He didn't notice that, after listening to what he said, everyone's faces looked surprised, and then gradually were filled with a light of hope; finally, they were all emotional and happy.

A year! Originally they thought Qiusi could not even live past tonight.

"My father can last a year?" Meinan hurriedly to confirm this, but truthfully, he knew Daylight too well: he knew Daylight would honestly say what he was confident of, and he would not alter it one bit. Since he said a year, then it must mean a year. Meinan's excitement simply wanted to hear it once again.

"Mhm, a year. But if I use all my power, then a year and a half." Daylight explained in detail.

"A year is enough! Enough! We can definitely restore Liola within a year."

Meinan was emotional beyond belief. At first he held Daylight by his shoulders, and thanked him endlessly, which made Daylight feel very awkward. And then he ran towards the glass, and said hurriedly, "Papa, papa, did you hear? Don't worry, my companions and I will definitely save you."

Qiusi smiled. He believed in his son, and the companions he had chosen.


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