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Ark: Volume 1 Chapter 5

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Viscount Haverstein’s Revenge

New World, the continent where sunlight-like peace can be obtained through the blessings of God.

However, the trails left behind by history were carved with blood and violence.

There had been a turbulent period in the history of New World, so far past that no one could even recall.

Thousands of races broke off into various factions, creating endless wars. Blood was washed away with more blood, corpses were blanketed with more corpses. What ended this tumultuous era was not a force of righteousness. It was wickedly evil beyond compare.

The devil incarnate did not differentiate between races and attacked everyone. With immense strength, it dyed the continent in black blood.

All the races were like newborn babies before the devil incarnate. They stilled their breaths and trembled at the chaos and horror. It was the start of the so-called Dark Century.

But it is the law of the world that as the darkness deepens, a more brilliant light can will arise. So when the devil incarnate’s war situation reached its climax, there were those who broke free with light and rose.

The 7 heroes whose names were left in history’s path.

3 of them were Human, and the others were Dwarf, Elf, Orc and the Meow hero they called Maban.

At the center of the continent, they formed a strong alliance. Then the sound of moaning changed to shouts of victory. One by one, as they carved the records of great wars the 7 heroes were finally able to defeat the devil incarnate.

With the disappearance of the devil incarnate, the 7 heroes spoke of what they desired amongst themselves.

“I desire spacious and fertile earth.”

The three Human heroes received three kingdoms on New World.

“I desire a forest overflowing with life.”

“For me a hot fire and rock’s strength!”

“A damp bog and barren wilderness for me.”

The Elf received rights to the forest, the Dwarf the underground, and the Orc the wasteland.

Their eyes looked toward Hero Maban.

Hero Maban spoke with a bitter smile.

“I wish to watch over the blood vow that you made in your hearts.”
“That vow will be kept.”
“Then that is enough.”

Hero Maban spoke those words and disappeared.

The kingdoms the six heroes erected became the present New World. And for over 200 years, New World reached its Golden Age and prospered.

But this time was not only prosperous.

Following the flow of time, the pledge of friendship the six heroes had shared slowly but surely faded away. 200 years was plenty of time to forget the horror and honors of the past.

The vow splintered. And the crack was largely spreading in a way that anyone could see.


“Hm, this time should I try putting this one in?”

Ark pushed the herb he’d been holding into the pot.

Then the liquid within the pot turned reddish and shortly firmed up like pudding.

After staring at the pudding with a serious expression, he clenched his eyes shut and spooned in the pudding. The feeling of his weak stomach becoming completely full was accompanied by a surge of energy.

    You have created Nutritious Jelly with Survival Cooking. Satiety has been filled to 100% and within 10 seconds 200 health will be restored. For 10 minutes strength and stamina increase by 2. Wisdom and Intelligence are reduced by 2.

“Nice, it’s a success this time.”

Ark blew out a sigh of relief and stored the pudding in his bag.

After his departure from Harun Village, Ark had purposely left the road and diverged into the forest. After actually leaving the village, the users who went to Jackson Castle were mostly at about level 15.

Of course, if you just looked at his stats Ark was also in a state of being over level 10. Still, being at a lower level than others made him feel uneasy.

The level was an absolute number in the game. That his level was falling meant that he was that much weaker!

That’s why he was in the process of completely wiping out any Wild Dogs and Wolves he saw as he cut through the forest. When he killed over two hundred Wild Dogs and Wolves like that, Ark reached level 16. Thanks to that, his sword and armor transformed to a ragged mess, which would crumble if he touched them.

‘I should learn the Repair skill when I arrive at Jackson Castle.’

If the precious equipment he struggled to obtain had cracked, he wouldn’t even be able to sleep for a few days.

Ark changed his equipment to leather clothing for the time being and and concentrated on gathering.

He intended to use this chance to raise his Survival Cooking level as well.

At first he thought about erasing the skill after seeing the creation of a ridiculous food and learning ordinary cooking, but hunting the demon mouse had enlightened him of the usefulness of Survival Cooking.

‘I can use it whether it’s poison or food.’

But even though he resolved himself and tried to raise it, it wasn’t easy.

Survival Cooking was not regular cooking. He couldn’t simply mix any ingredients he wanted to create results. When the combination didn’t match at all, with an explosion the ingredients would all go to waste.

At last, after over one hundred attempts, Ark had successfully made 15 dishes, including Fragrant Poison Soup. Out of those the only ones worth using were Howling Seasoned Chili, Refreshing Herb Tea, and the recent success Nutritional Jelly.

The Howling Seasoned Chilies was an enormously strong-tasting food that had the effect of temporarily increasing Strength by 10. But after that effect disappeared the user was plunged into a state of Confusion for several minutes, so it was an incomparably dangerous food. After eating this Ark had fought five Wolves and had almost died.

The Refreshing Herb Tea was a tea that restored Mana. It was incredibly delicious, and Ark frequently made and drank it while on his journey.

So as he did the things he’d been unable to do until now because he’d been fighting mice, his skill rose by a lot and he even earned 2 new skills.

    Passive Skill Sword Mastery (Beginner:26/100) You do not receive weapon penalties even if you use a sword. Hand-to-hand Combat (Beginner:24/100) Whenever you fight bare-handed, your Attack Power, Accuracy, and Evasion are increased. Survival Cooking (Beginner:22/100) You can make unidentified dishes with ingredients obtained from nature. Undying Will (Beginner:27/100) When in critical condition, your Attack Power, Critical Hit Chance, and ability to recover are increased. Foraging (Beginner:29/100) Food ingredients from nature can be gathered.


    Active Skill Nursing (Beginner:21/100) Gives hope, energy, and courage to patients. Mana consumption 10. Spirit of the Cat (Intermediate:103/300) Plants horror in mice and small monsters, sealing off their movements; Attack Power, Defense. and morale are sharply decreased. Mana consumption 100.


    Ingredient Identification (Beginner, Passive): Can confirm the basic effects of food ingredients that you obtain from the Foraging skill. Because your knowledge in food ingredients has risen, when you Forage you will no longer sustain damage from ingredients. Indomitable Body (Beginner, Passive): Even if you confront fairly dangerous situations, you are granted the fortitude to endure them. Your excellent Defense will shine more brightly in difficult situations. Emergency Defense, Evasion of Fatal Blows increased by 30%. Recovery ability increased by 5%.

The Ingredient Identification seemed to be a skill that added to Survival Cooking. In any case, knowing whether the harvested ingredient was poisonous or not was a good thing. Because then he’d be able to decrease the probability of failure a little.

The truly unexpected skill was Indomitable Body. After squeezing his eyes shut and eating every one hundred plus dish he’d made with Survival Cooking, the Indomitable Body skill had naturally formed. For that kind of a skill to form meant that Survival Cooking was really dangerous.

Ark was satisfied with that much.

“Now that the ingredients are all used up, shall I go?”

Ark shouldered his bag and began to walk again.

Though it was dawn in reality, in New World it was morning.

As he hefted his bag and walked through the forest, a cool wind tickled his face. The smell of grass permeated his nostrils and washed clean his chest.

Though he had thought and marveled about it many times, New World was beyond the classification of a normal game after all. As its name proclaimed, New World was literally a new world.

But what Ark had experienced was still less than 1 out of 100 of New World.

Ark keenly realized this truth after he crossed a hill.


His exclamation naturally burst out.

Endless unfurled plains before a towering citadel city that rose into the sky. The truth that a building made of black stones could be so beautiful was simply shocking. But the Harun Village NPCs had said that Jackson Castle was not such a big city in New World.

‘It’s unbelievable, but that must mean that there are cities that are bigger and more awesome than this.’

After thinking that thought, his heart fluttered like a youth’s.

Anyway, he’d finally parted from the beginner area and had arrived at the real meaning of a city.

When he went into the castle, it wasn’t as beautiful as he’d thought from what he’d seen outside. But the castle was overflowing with vitality.

Now when it came to writing someone off as a beginner from the people there were users at level 50~60, and the streets that couldn’t be compared to the ones in Harun Village were chock full of crowds. The reason was that there were numerous unexplored dungeons left in the area around Jackson Castle.

“For those who’d enjoy warmth and coziness, please come to Hades Guild.”

“If you’re a valiant warrior who wants to experience the battlefield, to Black Axe Guild!”

“The best priced rods, selling at the minimum price! ‘Tis Nook’s Stall.”

“Those who need a mercenary, please contact me.”

He heard shouts from every direction. The bulletin boards laid on every street corner publicized guilds and shops, and the boards were pasted full of flyers for getting parties.

With stalls covered with items strewn about on the ground it wasn’t even easy for people to walk. Having spent over twenty days in the carefree and quiet Harun Village, Ark had unintentionally become a hick and could not adapt easily.

Besides the unexplored dungeons, what made Jackson Castle this bustling was that the NPCs related to job changing and the NPCs associated with guilds were all gathered here.

The guilds were an extremely important element in the game.

If many beginners gathered they could even gain more information, and they were very helpful when trying to accomplish difficult requests. That’s why every guild representative’s eyes were lit up in order to procure even just one more high-level user. But Ark had no thoughts of joining a guild.

The first reason was his deep-rooted mistrust of users. The second was that even if he sometimes forgot, his motivation for playing the game was different from other users. To Ark, New World wasn’t simply a game, but an employment exam. It’d be tough to needlessly join a guild and waste time doing useless things.

What Ark was interested in was the job change possible from level 15.

It was the biggest reason why users flocked to Jackson Castle after reaching level 15.

In New World, there were twelve broad classes of jobs.

Warrior, Archer, Magician, Thief, Priest and so on… and if you went into details there were several branches included in each class of job. So one would do 2, up to 3job changes.


Character Name













Mouse Hunter








77 (+2)









Equipment Effects

Sharply Shining Sword: Attack speed +5
Black Bear Mouse Leather Armor: Agility +2, Cold Resistance +20

Though they were meager stats, if meager at all, but considering that he was level 16, they were at a decent level.

If you just looked at his stats, his wisdom and intelligence were too low for him to choose a profession in the magic division. The jobs that matched him were combat-related; up until now Ark had mostly done combat, so he’d unconsciously poured all his stats in Strength, Agility, and Stamina.

‘Should I just use this chance to job change to a Warrior?’

Even if they were the same level 15, the difference between a character that had job changed and one that hadn’t was enormous.

If he changes profession, he would learn new skills that were particular to the job, and a lot of bonus stats would be added. In addition, if he did the job change quest, he would acquire the matching branch of that Profession.

It was truly like turning over a new leaf!

But Ark shook his head.

‘I don’t even know the job characteristics properly yet...’

Ark hadn’t seen any scenes of job-changed users fighting yet.

Although he could basically see the characteristics of the classified jobs just by looking at their names, there were slight differences between each game.

What skills would form, what skills he couldn’t learn if he job changed, he had to meticulously consider them and make a decision. It wasn’t a matter he could just choose based on his mood without personally experiencing them.

‘In New World, Ark is my one and only alter ego. I’ve gotta choose carefully.’

If it was another game he could job change and if he didn’t like it he could just raise a new one. But there was only one chance to choose in New World. There could be no limit to his cautiousness.

‘Okay, for now I’ll hunt with Jackson Castle as my base and watch job-changed users. ‘Cause right now I’ve got other things to do too.’

Ark opened his bag and looked over the slate with an affectionate glance.

It was the Mysterious Slate that the demon mouse had watched over. When Ark looked at the slate, he sank into a feeling of delight. Ark had earned many benefits simply from the journey to find this slate.

He’d earned 12 bonus stats, and he’d learned Survival Cooking for free. On top of that, he’d earned 2 of the enchanted equips that were difficult to see at his level. It was enjoyable to simply entertain the thoughts of what other benefits this linked quest might bring him.

‘For that I’ll have to meet Viscount Haverstein first.’

Ark went and found the Lord’s castle with hurried steps.

“What do you need?”

As he’d been wandering about as a hillbilly wrapped in some kind of animal leather, the guard glared at him.

Well, it was a virtual reality game, so he’d expected that response.

“I have come to meet Viscount Haverstein-nim.”
“What? You mean the Lord?”
“Yes, if you show him this he will probably meet with me.”

Ark pulled out the parchment he’d discovered in the cave.

The guard shot him a doubtful glance and went into the castle. After about 10 minutes had passed, he ran back outside along with a man. He was a middle-aged knight with a bushy bearded face. Seeing as he was wearing modest chain mail, it looked like he wasn’t Viscount Haverstein.

The middle-aged knight introduced himself as Cross, the General of Defense in charge of the castle’s guards. Once Ark also introduced himself simply, Cross asked with an urgent voice.

“Alright, Ark. Were you the one who discovered this parchment?”

“Did you by any chance discover some strange item near the place where the parchment was?”
“I discovered it.”

Ark quickly took out the slate from his bag and showed it to Cross.

Cross blew out the breath he’d been holding.

“I don’t know whether I should call this the guidance of God, or the devil’s prank.”

“What do you mean?”

“That slate is an item Viscount Haverstein-nim has been searching for for a long time. However, none of the people he sent to find the slate have returned.”

“What is this slate for?”

“I don’t know the details either. I only know that it’s connected to the ruins that were discovered near this territory. As the years passed and its whereabouts couldn’t be found, Viscount Haverstein gave up on the slate in the end. And then he struck off for the ruins while leading the Slyphid Knights. But for the slate to appear after the Viscount left…”

Cross clasped Ark’s hand tightly and requested.

“If it’s okay, can’t you personally deliver the slate to the Viscount? If you hurry and follow him now, you might be able to catch the Viscount before he arrives at the ruins.”

At the same time, the quest name was updated to ‘Secret of the Slate = Secret of the Slate II’. The content was about meeting Haverstein, who had left for the ruins that held a connection to the slate.

‘Wahahaha, this is it. I’ve been waiting for something like this.’

As a spark fizzed into Ark’s mind, the formula of ‘quest + dungeon = huge treasure’ arose.

There was no reason to hesitate. Ark quickly nodded. Cross gave him a horse and 2 soldiers.

No matter how busy he was, he had to take care of some business before he left. Ark found the blacksmith, had all his equipment repaired, and mounted the horse. But it was impossible for Ark, who organized a mart warehouse in reality, to have ever ridden a horse.

“Eehuk, eeeeeuhhh!”

Thinking since it’s a game, it should work out somehow, was a mistake.

Before he was able to go a few kilometers he rolled and fell off the horse five times. He paled beside the soldiers, who held the reins of Ark’s horse for him.

“Put your strength in your thighs and lay flat on the back of your horse. We shall guide the horse.”


“Can’t, can’t we rest a little before we go?”

“If we were to follow and catch the Viscount before he arrives at the ruins, there is not a moment to be lost. Giddy up!”

‘Damn it, I’m sayin’ I’ll DIE before we arrive!’

Though his stomach churned, there was nothing good about (antagonizing) the NPCs who were affiliated with the lord’s castle.

Despite that, for the sake of the new skill he had learned, he had to endure.

    - Riding skill has risen by 3. Horse riding is a little bit easier.

The Riding skill that formed when he was about to hurl (went up by 3 when the urge to spring away penetrated his lower back and he desperately restrained himself.) After that Ark was able to straighten his back and hold the reins himself. And so after a day and a night of spurring the horses on like crazy, the hazy shape of the ruins appeared.

Thankfully it seemed like they weren’t late, as the sight of the Slyphid Knights gathered at the ruin entrance came into view.

Ark and the soldiers he’d come together with got off their horses and ran over.

“My Lord, we found the slate!”

The person who turned his head was a noble of approximately sixty years of age.

His coarse, white hair fell to his shoulders, and his face looked blue from lack of oxygenation. But his eyes shined with a penetrating light. This was precisely Viscount Haverstein.

With a dignified gait, he approached Ark.

“Are you the traveler who brought the slate? Can you show me?”

“There is no doubt. This is exactly the slate I was looking for.”

After Ark pulled out the slate for him, Haverstein looked over it with squinted, trembling eyes for a long while.He needed a very long time before he was able to turn his eyes on Ark again.

“You probably cannot even imagine what a huge help your good deed has become for me. The rule is that good deeds have a price. Therefore, I, Haverstein, have a responsibility to reward your pains. Say what you desire. If it is the request of a man of your merit, I will listen to anything.”

Starlight rustled and fell from Ark’s pupils.

He could finally receive the reward he’d waited and waited for.

And that he would listen to anything!

‘Should I ask for a magic item? Or should I ask for money?’

As Ark agonized over this and that, he belatedly discovered something strange. Then he noticed the cleverly hidden trap in the words of Haverstein’s quest.

“It’s a request appropriate of my merit?”

Thinking carefully about it, it was a peerlessly ambiguous statement.

Though Haverstein had said ‘anything’, the condition ‘appropriate of merit’ was attached. In the end that meant there was a upper limit. But since the merit wasn’t simply put out in numbers, he couldn’t know what the limit was. Then what method could he use to guess the upper limit?

‘It’s the difficulty!’

Ark opened the quest window and checked it. The difficulty was G. From what he’d experience so far, this kind of difficulty would only earn him a reward of 1 gold at most, or a follow-up item.

‘Is that all I can earn with this quest?’

His feeling of excitement disappeared and was replaced by dismay.

To obtain the slate, he’d had to kill hundreds of mice and defeat the demon mouse. He’d raced the horse to meet Haverstein to the point where his back had almost broken. But the reward was just 1 gold?

Then yet another question rose in Ark’s mind.

‘Is pulling out this slate truly the end? But then why did the General of Defense send me all the way here? He could have just used the soldiers. And the quest says to meet Haverstein, but there’s nothing written about giving him the slate. That’s right, this is a branched quest!”

A branched quest was one that changed based on the user’s choice.

At the end of many inferences, Ark was sure that this was a branched quest. A different quest related to the slate. In other words, the way to obtain the real reward that Ark wanted was different.

Ark suddenly raised his head and replied.

“What I desire is to go into the ruins with the Viscount.”

“What? You can’t do that!”

“Why do you say that? Since I brought the slate that’s related to the ruins, I think I’m qualified enough. Did the Viscount not promise a reward appropriate for my merits after all?”

“Do you not know? I’m saying this for your own good. That ruin is not just a commonplace dungeon. This is the lair where the devil incarnate is holed up in. I can’t drag in a civilian like you inside that place!”

“Are you breaking the promise that you yourself made?”

Ark pressed Haverstein with a sharp voice.

One should always maintain a good relationship with the NPCs. That was Ark’s ironbound principle. But it was a different matter if there was an even greater profit on the line.

There were many ways to re-raise intimacy that had fallen, but there were no ways to get back a quest item that he’d failed to hold onto. Whether the NPC was a Lord or a Viscount, if it was necessary he would even go into a head-on clash to obtain the profit.

“You’re really… guk, cough, cough!”

Haverstein, who had been glaring at Ark, suddenly fell to one knee as he vomited blood.

“My Lord!”

The soldiers who’d been in the area urgently rushed over. But there was a person who rushed and helped Haverstein quicker than they. It was Ark.

“Please leave him to me. I have a lot of experience in taking care of patients.”

As he quickly used the Nursing skill, the color returned to Haverstein’s face.

Ark spoke as he furtively smiled.

“You seem deeply ill. To explore the ruins with a body like this… and isn’t it true that there aren’t any people here who know how to take care of a patient?”

“I don’t need a caretaker or whatever. Cough, cough!”

“No, I can see the state of a patient. You will not be able to walk, let alone swing a sword, like this. Surely you do not wish to become baggage to your subordinates by flaunting your pride?”


“Please give me permission to nurse you, my Lord. No, you must do so. I too am merely a caretaker. I cannot just leave a patient and walk away.”

Ark spoke with a resolute expression.

Haverstein heaved a sigh.

It was a sigh acknowledging his defeat.

When the ringing sound of drumbeats followed,Ark was sure that his choice had been the right one.

    Quest has been updated. Secret of the Slate II = Secret of the Slate III You must explore the ruin with Viscount Haverstein to uncover the secret of the slate. Term for quest failure: If Viscount Haverstein dies, you will automatically lose the quest. Difficulty:+E


“Attack, sweep away the accursed monsters!”


Over 50 Sylphid Knights stampeded and bravely swung swords and maces.

The Gargoyles and Goblins obstructing their way jumped out, explosively. Then, in the hands of the Magicians, flames burst out and turned the passageway into an inferno. The Goblins swallowed in the path of fire let out horrible shrieks and crawled out, but what was waiting for them was a baptism of swords and maces.

Clearing scores of monsters didn’t even take 10 minutes.

Ark was watching the battle with surprised eyes.


Two days had passed since they had entered the ruin.

The insides of the ruin was tangled with complicated, maze-like paths, so it was impossible to distinguish the path, or be aware of the direction. And every time they went around a corner, an incredible number of monsters charged at them. However, they were no match for the Sylphid Knights.

They were knights that the lord had personally led here. Even their equipment was on a different level from ordinary soldiers. They were Knights armed with shining armor and weapons. And their related skills must be at an extremely high level, because they were able to defend every attack with their shields, and whenever they swung their swords, fatal blows were dealt.

It was the first time he’d seen an NPC’s battle — the high level was to the point where he went and lost his confidence.

After finishing a bout of fighting, a cross mark appeared above the heads of the Knights. It was a sign that indicated their level up.

‘Just how much of a level do those guys have?’

Levels existed for NPCs, too. Of course, if they won many fights, their level would go up. However, the NPCs themselves didn’t know about the concept of levels. If you asked them what their level was, they would return the question, asking what that was. And if you tried to explain it in detail, they would suddenly get mad.

In New World, the vocabulary level, skill, and stats were foreign to them; in other words, those were just users’ terms.

Even magic or skills that let them peek at someone’s information window didn’t get through to the NPCs. Therefore, there was no way to confirm it, but it was definite that they were at a much higher level than Ark.

‘Anyways, if I stay with them there should be no risk of death.’

The updated Secret of the Slate quest’s difficulty was a staggering +E.

It was a quest at a level where it’d be impossible to solve it by himself, no matter what he did. But if he did it with the Sylphid Knights, it didn’t even look like it’d be that difficult.

The problem was the condition of Haverstein’s survival.

After they entered the ruin, Haverstein’s health become increasingly weak. Ark, who had learned the Nursing skill, could tell that he didn’t have much life left. If, by any chance, Haverstein died before the completion of the quest, the quest would end in a failure and the Sylphid Knights would return to Jackson Castle.

That was the reason why a quest where he didn’t even need to personally fight had a difficulty of +E.

‘No matter what happens, I have to save him until the quest is resolved. Tch, what a pain.”

The sight of Haverstein coughing beside him filled him with annoyance.

If the quest didn’t have such a condition, he wouldn’t give a damn if Haverstein died or not. More importantly, he had to participate in the fight and hit the monsters that looked like crammed up wads of experience at least once.

Even those strong Knights were leveling up without rest. At his level, if he was fortunate enough to defeat one or two of the monsters, he’d probably be able to garner quite a lot of experience. However, he couldn’t afford to do that. If he didn’t stand by and watch over Haverstein, who was deteriorating by the minute, there was no knowing what sudden result might occur.

“Cough, cough!”

“You are okay. Illness comes first from the mind. If you firmly steel your heart, you can overcome any disease. Have courage. You can’t lose hope.”

As he prattled on about things he didn’t even believe in, he spewed the Nursing skill and Haverstein’s face became a little brighter.

“You have my thanks. If I listen to your words, my strength rises as if it’s really easing the disease. However, I am aware. That no matter how much I steel my mind, there’s no hope for my life.”

“What are you saying……."

“No, it’s the truth. Because my disease did not come first from the mind.”

“Are you saying that you know about the disease?”

“Do you know why I’ve come here leading the Knights with a body like this?”

Haverstein’s clouded gaze swept across the dreary ruin.

“Because it’s here, the cursed devil killed my father and planted the disease in me.”

“Devil? Can you please tell me in more detail?”

“I may as well. Since you’ve already stepped foot in this place, knowing this won’t be bad. Truthfully, a long time ago there was a terrible calamity that befell Jackson Castle. It buried the land in disease and famine.”

“Are you saying that was the devil’s doing?”

“Yes. It was the doing of this malicious devil that came from a faraway continent. My ancestors of the Jackson family, which came to know of this truth, naturally rallied soldiers and fought with the devil. But with only the final blow remaining, the devil escaped, and since then the Jackson family has suffered from the devil’s curse. All the descendants of the Jackson family eventually die of a curse that brought about a terminal illnesses once they turn twenty.”

“What? But the Viscount is…”

“That my life is still bound to me is thanks to Father.”

Haverstein tightly clutched the silver necklace that fell to his chest.

“As the other ancestors did, Father also strove to release the family’s curse. And then in the same year when I was born, he finally found out. That the devil that had fled that time was hiding in this ruin. If that devil is killed, then the curse will end. But the place where that devil was hiding was firmly locked by an ancient force. The slate that you brought is precisely the key to opening that room.”

At the end of a long effort, his father had finally laid hands on the slate. Then, as Haverstein was doing now, he had led soldiers and searched for the devil.

Haverstein stared blankly at the Sylphid Knights as if meaning to see his father’s appearance from that time among them.

“First, I listened to the soldiers who were in the verge of death. They said a long and lengthy fight had occurred. In the end, it resulted in Father’s defeat. But Father, using the last of his strength, gave the devil a large wound. Thanks to that the curse has weakened, and I was able to live to this age.”

“So that means that the Viscount is suffering from the disease because that malicious devil has regained its strength.”

“You’re right. And since a few years ago, traces of the curse have even appeared on my now fifteen-year old son. The devil’s strength has become stronger. But the slate had already disappeared with my father’s death. For the last 3 years I tried to find the slate, but to no avail. In that time my body has become exhausted and thin, like this. Having lost the time to wait any longer, I went to battle to destroy the door with sheer force and punish the devil.”

“If the devil is killed, will the Viscount’s disease also be cured?”

Haverstein shook his head.

“No, it’s already too late for me. Now, even if I killed the devil I cannot live on. However, I cannot allow my son to meet the same fate as I. After all my father was also in the same situation as I, and fought the devil for my sake. This time, it is my turn to do for my son, as my Father has done for me. And I believe that I can succeed. That you brought the slate here, is without a doubt, a revelation from God.”

Ark was moved to tears.

A father for the sake of his son, and the son for the sake of his son, was burning away the last of his life.

Of course, they were NPCs. Though they looked like people, they weren’t.

Within that too-realistic face there was electricity that flowed along electric wires.

Despite that, the light with which Haverstein looked at Ark was sincere. That he himself was dying, and for his son he would throw away his life — he truly thought that way.

Most NPCs are similar in that sense. Although there were bad people and good people here in this world as there are in the real world, at the very least, people here don’t play with others’ sincere feelings through cunning lies.

That was the difference between an NPC and a user.

“The Viscount’s wish will definitely come true.”

“Thank you.”

Haverstein fell asleep with a more comforted face.

After that Ark took care of Haverstein with all his sincerity.

A father who would throw down everything for the sake of his son.

Though it was incredibly embarrassing, Ark could feel the presence of his own father in Haverstein.

Meanwhile, heartfelt sympathy formed towards Haverstein. He had to help Haverstein for the quest anyways. If it was a done deal, wouldn’t it be better to do it sincerely?

When a day had passed like that, Ark received a message he hadn’t even imagined.

Of the skills Ark had learned, Nursing had the slowest growth. Although he’d nursed Johansson about ten times, the skill points had been at a mere 20. Even after the nursing he’d done for Haverstein up until now, it was at 30.

But then it suddenly started swiftly going up, and in a moment it had reached Intermediate level.

    Through care imbued with sincerity, the Nursing skill level has gone up. Nursing(Intermediate, Active): Can instill life by making the patient’s body and soul more comfortable with Increasingly proficient skillfulness. Used on a patient, vigor and courage are increased by 40%. Mana consumption: 10 * Intermediate Nursing bonus effect(Nurse’s Soul): Can sincerely pray for the patient and grant the effect of a minor blessing. All stats are slightly increased, and through devout piety, resistance to curses related to the mind will form.

Ark’s mouth fell open.

It wasn’t because the skill went up, but because of the reason.

‘Does that mean it knows that I treated Viscount Haverstein with sincerity?’

The sudden, rapid growth of the skill had happened, since Ark had started to sincerely worry about Haverstein. Then didn’t that mean that Ark’s change in attitude influenced the growth of the skill?

Of course, it wasn’t something that was physically impossible.

New World was a system that scanned the brain and controlled the character with the user’s brainwaves. Emotion was, in the end, a brain wave. It was possible for the system to understand changes in emotion. But for even that part to influence the growth of skill...

Stating that was simple.

‘Whether it’s interaction with an NPC or learning a skill, the effect is maximized if you pour your sincerity.’

It was a principle that was so natural in reality. But who would have thought to apply such a principle even in a game?

It was shocking technological prowess, and a shocking discovery.

By the mistake in Harun Village, Ark was still in a state that fell far short of the other applicants. Even though he’d received a bonus of 12 points thanks to his special title, making up for half a month of difference in progress was difficult.

Though it’d be nice if they would take a nap like the story of the rabbit and turtle, it was best not to expect that. But now it seemed like he could find the way to narrow that difference.

‘There are still many unidentified systems in New World. If I find out about all of them, catching up to them isn’t just a long-shot dream! That’s right, the answer was right in front of me all along! Anyways the difference from users that started at the same time is that and only that. If I’m to get ahead of the others, then I can’t just follow what the others are doing.’

He saw a found new hope.

Afterward, Haverstein vomited blood more frequently.

As his spark of life continued to flicker out, his health deteriorated to the point where he could not recognize anyone. Every time that happened Ark used his Intermediate Nursing skill and forcefully held his life in place.

For the completion of the quest, for the growth of the skill, and for this unfortunate NPC’s small wish…


“We have finally arrived!”

A light of emotion rose on Haverstein’s ashen face.

It had been five days since they had entered the ruins. The group had finally arrived at the destination. A massive stone door engraved with complicated patterns!

The devil they were searching for was hiding behind this door.

The stone door that steamingly emitted a dismal aura, had a space on one side that was big enough to fit the slate.

Haverstein looked toward Ark and nodded his head. With a strained expression, Ark walked up to the stone door and pressed the slate in. Then the ruins rumbled as the stone gate slowly parted.

“Everyone prepare for battle, we will enter as we protect the Viscount!”


A space that was entirely different from the interior of the ruin appeared. Uneven stone walls, and the ceiling was studded with stalactites like a demon’s fangs. It was a colossal hall made by the strength of Mother Nature.

It happened when Knights stayed vigilant on all sides and arrived at the center of the hall.

    - Boss Monster Twisted Dream Weaver Debra has appeared.

“The devil has appeared!”

Ark shouted in surprise. At the same time, from the opposite entrance a black aura spewed out. Having received Ark’s warning, the Knights hastily fumbled to raise their shields, but the enormous shock blew away 3~4 people.

“Kekekeke, mayflies without fearful heads have crawled in to die!”

Within the dark, the sight of a huge being that looked to be a good 10 meters came into view. With armor of darkness and an enormous sword, the blood-red cape on its back fluttered as it emitted a dismal aura.

Debra’s body twisted like a whirlwind, and upon coming in contact with the black aura, the brave Knights fell into panic.

“I-it’s Debra!”

“Twisted Dream Weaver Debra of horror!”

“Do not be afraid, this bastard is just the cowardly monster that was coiled up and hiding within the stone door!”

Haverstein squeezed out his vigor and shouted. Only then did the Knights snap back to attention and rush toward Debra.

“Kekekee, foolish newborn pups!”

Deep blue sparks flew out every time Debra opened its mouth.

It swung the length of the enormously large sword. With one blow, 3~4 soldiers were shattered as they were blown away. The Sylphid Knights that had shown their unbeatable strength as they had crossed through the ruin were no match for Debra.

The deep blue sparks that spewed from its mouth melted their armor, and as the sword flew down in succession, the Knights collapsed with one, two wounds. But the Sylphid Knights didn’t yield and endlessly besieged Debra with a barrage of swords. The surrounding Magicians on the outskirts also threw lightning and flames.

At the consecutive, bursting flashes, Debra must have taken a blow, because it staggered.

“Today is the end of you!”

One of the Magicians hollered as he tore in with a skill combo of?Penetrate?.

Then, a red light enveloped Debra and a Health number cut in, about about half appeared above its head.

The Knights’ moral suddenly rose.

“The bastard doesn’t even have half its health left!”

“The time is now, finish it off!”

“Keuk, you bastards…”

Debra’s eyes flashed and a black aura surged out.

Wrapped in the aura, the Knights put on vacant expressions like they were somehow bewitched people, and then suddenly began to brawl amongst themselves.

“It’s Bewitching magic! Magicians!”

The Magicians, who were outside the range of the aura, quickly uttered an incantation.

Resistance Spell, Cleanse Spell, Strengthening Willpower and other spells unfurled in the area. In spite of that, the Knights were unable to shake off the Bewitchment and floundered. Rather, the situation became more serious and 3~4 of them were felled by the swords of their friends.

Embarrassment spread over the Magicians’ faces.

“The spells aren’t dispelling it!”

“Everyone please calm down, no matter who our opponent is, we will surely be victorious.”

In the moment of the desperate situation, Ark’s voice cried out into the hall.

The pupils of the Bewitched Knights gradually focused and they suddenly came to.

It was the power of the Nursing skill. Even when the fight first started, there had been nothing Ark could do.

It was Debra’s attack, which could take out a two or three Knights, and got it out of critical condition. If the level 16 Ark was to get grazed it, he would definitely fall into critical condition. All he could do was to nurse Haverstein from the back.

But the situation changed as the Bewitched Knights brawled amongst themselves and suffered wounds. Because they weren’t simple Knights and were able to do a lot of damage to each other, they had become Ark’s patients.

When he used the Nursing skill on a patient, the Intermediate’s special effect, minor blessing, was granted. Thanks to that, they were able to resist the Bewitchment, which was a curse of the mind, and shake it off.

Not just that, but a bonus of vigor and courage 40%, and +3 to all stats. Of course, the Knight’s attack and defense power increased, and the Magician’s casting speed became faster.

“Oooohhhhhhh, my strength is surging!”
“We can win! Down with Debra!”

The Knights cheered and with a rush they swarmed and swung their swords. Debra erupted with a howl of fury but there was nothing it could do.

That was because Ark was not letting the soldiers rest.

“Please hurry and stand. Victory is right in front of you. Even though it’s the devil, everyone’s fighting spirit must not topple. Through unbreakable fighting spirit and unyielding courage you will undoubtedly become heroes written in history!”

“Haa haa, my stamina has hit the bottom. Let me rest a little…”

“Get out there and fight! Your bravery will carry us to victory!”

“Oooohhhhh! En,energy is surging! Come at me, devil!”

As Ark’s voice rang out, the Knights that had fallen over one after another sprang to their feet and swung their swords.

Abruptly, as the zombie-like Knights returned to the fight, Debra’s life quickly dropped. When it plummeted to 1 out of 10, it fell to one knee. Then Haverstein, who had been directing the Knights, climbed atop Debra’s body and thrusted his sword toward its throat.

“Die, devil…. kaa!”

Suddenly Debra stretched its arm and seized Haverstein’s throat.

“Kekekekeeuk, was the suffering good?”

Debra slowly raised its body. Screams of disbelief burst out from the surrounding Knights.

“Life, its life….!”

“Oh my god, does that mean this bastard is immortal?”

Debra’s cape fluttered as it twirled its body and its life was restored to 100 percent.

Ark flung himself through the disconcerted Knights.


Dying was no longer the problem.

If Haverstein died, the quest was a failure.

‘To come all the way here and the quest is a failure? No way!’

As Ark ran in Debra swung its sword. It was an attack Ark had predicted. Ark quickly unleashed Hand-to-Hand Combat, and evaded. Then he pulled the sword aside and struck the bastard’s hand with all his might.

A fatal blow exploded and Debra lost hold of Haverstein.

Ark caught him and urgently moved back.


With a furious shout, Debra ran at him.

“Look at that! That stranger is fighting for the Viscount with his life on the line!”

“Everyone protect the stranger!”

The Knights, motivated by Ark’s action, stampeded forward. But now, no matter how much they struck out with their swords, Debra’s life did not decrease. In other words, it was immortal!

Debra didn’t even concern itself with their attacks and strode forth, swinging its sword like lightning.

Ark hastily stood in front of Haverstein and raised his sword.

BAM, with a heavy shock his life was cut to at least half.


His eyesight blurred. In that moment the sword went up again and fell with a force that split the air.

“No! Everyone concentrate their magic power! Warp!”

The Magicians concentrated their magic power on Ark and Haverstein.

The magic to warp another person was an Advanced 7 Circle spell.

It wasn’t a spell that these 4~5 Circle Magicians could produce.

But as 5 Magicians integrated their magic power with ‘Willpower Exchange,’ the 7 Circle spell was completed.

With a flash, Ark and Haverstein were transported somewhere.

Debra’s sword struck the floor right after that.

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KNM: Volume 2 Chapter 2

This chapter is brought to you by AnmesicCat, Masadeer, and StellarAshes.

The Mystery of the Cross Necklace

"Whoa! Baolilong's dad is catching up! God, did the three-headed hound suck that bad? It sure got taken care of really quickly."

Kaiser slowed his pace for only just a moment to look behind him, and he immediately saw the corridor behind them was being crushed under tremendous weight of a Black Dragon with blood-red eyes, furiously chasing after them.

Suddenly, Meinan tripped. He and Purity both fell on the ground, hard. When Liola saw them, he stopped, grabbed them both, and said calmly: "Hurry."

Meinan said breathlessly: "I... can't run anymore..."

Purity, too, was trembling: "My legs are petrified."

Liola turned and saw the Black Dragon was already less than 100 meters away from them, and it was clearly moving much faster than they were. The Black Dragon was going to catch up to them inevitably.

Liola yelled and stopped Kaiser: "Kaiser, take them with you to the sidelines. Meinan, use your protective shield, and if you find the chance, escape."

"Are you really going to fight him?" Kaiser's expression changed: "Are you confident that you can win?"

Liola didn't reply. Logically, for him to escape from Miluo wasn't hard. However, defeating Miluo wasn't an easy feat, especially considering his current condition. His injuries from the previous fight weren't fully healed, his ankle bone broken, plus he can't kill...

"Liola, if you don't kill him, he will definitely kill you!" Kaiser had probably guessed what Liola was thinking, and then added:

"Besides, that Dragon isn't a person. Killing him shouldn't be breaking your promise, right?"

‘Is that so…?’ Liola didn't have time to hesitate. Miluo, who was hundreds of meters away moments ago, was already in front of them, in a matter of seconds.

Liola turned his head, wanting to tell Kaiser to back away... Nonetheless, Kaiser could sometimes be quite swift. By the time Liola looked at Miluo, they had already ran back to a hole in the wall, and were then surrounded by several layers of protective shield.

When Miluo opened his mouth in an attempt to swallow Liola, Liola started his Blood Fluttering Ki, and jumped using the Dragon’s whiskers as trampoline, launching himself over the Dragon’s head. Liola suddenly increased his weight, and stomped on Miluo’s head.

If Miluo was an ordinary person, the force would've been enough to crack his skull open like a watermelon. Unfortunately, Liola had had just about every kind of opponent, except an ordinary person.

Though it caused Miluo enough pain, to force him to let out a cry, it didn't do much damage.

Miluo angrily swung his head against the wall, trying to crush Liola who was standing on his head. But with Liola's agility, he would never get hurt so easily. He jumped onto the Dragon's neck swiftly, and easily evaded Miluo’s attacks.

Miluo calmed down after failing to get rid of Liola in several hits. Miluo said suddenly: "Looks like that runt does have an eye for talent. Killing you would be a bit unfortunate."

The Dragon's enormous body suddenly emitted black smoke.

When Liola saw the strange event, he had already jumped down from the Dragon’s neck. However, he didn't know whether he should take this opportunity to launch attack.

He had no idea what Miluo was up to. Though the smoke seemed harmless, but he wasn't sure if would fall into a trap by attacking without resolve.

Meanwhile the black smoke had completely engulfed Miluo, and suddenly dispersed. Miluo, who was originally as large as a mountain, was now covered in a black smoke of only about a person's height.

The black smoke slowly returned to Miluo's body, and a person emerged. He was a handsome man with dark hair and blood-red eyes. His jagged face showed off his character, and it was quite the contrast, compared to Liola's elegant face.

"Hmm..." Kaiser knitted his eyebrows and looked at Miluo, and said without holding back: "You look nothing like Baolilong, whose face is so smooth that it looks like an egg. Are you sure Baolilong is your offspring?"

Miluo's red eyes looked at Kaiser, and a black ball of energy flew out of his hand and hit the protective shield. Meinan's face went pale, and strengthened the shield. The black ball exploded, and the hole they had been hiding in disappeared in an instant, even the protective shield shook violently.

Kaiser, who was petrified at first, calmed down when he saw that the protective shield was still holding, pouted and said: "Getting angry just because what I said was true. You really are a Dragon without manners."

Miluo narrowed his eyes, raised both hands, and created black balls three times the size of the previous one.

Meinan was sweating profusely as he finished his incantation to increase the layers of the shield. The originally transparent shield had so many layers, it now looked like a giant glass sphere.

Kaiser was still itching to ridicule Miluo more, so he put his face near the protective shield. With the glass-like shield magnifying his face, Kaiser's face looked like he really ought to be taught a lesson.

Miluo's veins popped out of his forehead, the two black balls doubled in size again.

Without any hesitation, Miluo threw them at the shield. But just as they left his hands, two throwing stars suddenly appeared in the black balls' trajectories. They collided and a giant explosion ensued. The explosion caused the entire palace to collapse into ruins, and the dust formed a mushroom cloud.


"Wow, what a giant explosion. The shield lost three layers in the explosion, Meinan hurry up and put them back. We might be facing Baolilong's dad playing bowling again."

Kaiser playfully looked outside, and looked to see if Liola was still in one piece after the explosion, or if he was already shattered into pieces.

Meinan turned and looked at Kaiser. Meinan’s face was completely pale, and as soon as he opened his mouth, blood oozed out the corners. Meinan looked at Kaiser with sad eyes.

Even for Kaiser, he couldn't turn a blind eye to these gazes, so he grudgingly said: "F-fine, I'll say less."

"You really are crazy. With such a short distance even you will be swallowed by the explosion."
With such a small distance between us even you will be swallowed by the explosion."

Miluo was hurt by his own magic, and he got angrier as a result. However, seeing that his opponent wasn't in a much better situation than him, Miluo started smiling.

Liola quickly examined his own wounds: medium internal injury, a twenty-centimeter cut on his left arm, and his sprained ankle seemed to have fractured, not to mention plenty of bruises and cuts... But it felt like it wasn't too severe.

Compared to his opponent, Liola closely examined, he seemed better off. Miluo's hands were severely burned, and there was a thirty-centimeter red mark on his chest. Liola was satisfied, at least his opponent's situation was as bad as his — they were both seriously injured.

"Hmm, Meinan, look at them with those bloodied wounds. If we go out with a few bullets, shouldn't we take care of it?" Kaiser pushed his face against the shield again, and saw the two people facing each other, both covered in blood.

Purity trembled: "Uwaah, the entire palace disappeared. What horrifying magic..."

Meinan said with a pale face: "And with such a large explosion, it's more horrifying that there are two people standing up like that...."

"That IS horrifying, then I should just stay behind the protective shield." Kaiser carefully concluded.

Miluo finally ran into a worthy opponent, so the smile on his face got wider. He reminded Liola:

"Stop caring about that little runt's feelings and summon him already. Use your Dragon magic and let's have a good fight!"

Liola remained quiet. He couldn't even feel a bit of magic element, let alone using Dragon magic. He even had trouble using the "Summon Dragon" that Baolilong and Purity spent a night trying to teach him.

"He wants Liola to summon Baolilong?" Kaiser's eyes flashed: "It would be faster to call that geezer Barbalis and ask him to bring Baolilong with him."

Miluo's cold eyes scanned the shield, Purity and Meinan immediately used all four of their hands to cover Kaiser's mouth. Kaiser, who still wanted to talk, could only make muffled noises.

Miluo turned around towards Liola, and asked unbelievably: "You don't know how to summon a Dragon? Are you really a Dragon Knight?"

"I'm not a Dragon Knight." Liola answered simply and honestly.

"Oh? You are not a Dragon Knight?" Miluo smiled coldly: "Then is the cross around your neck fake? Only the Dragon Emperor's bloodline has the necklace to enter the room that imprisoned me. Twenty years ago... the Dragon Queen was pregnant, so you are the Dragon Emperor's son?!"

"I don't know who the Dragon Emperor is. This necklace was given to me by someone else." Liola calmly stated the truth. ‘Anise's cross... has something to do with Dragon Emperor bloodlines?’

Miluo suddenly covered his face with one of his hand, and burst out laughing: "Y-you don't know who Dragon Emperor is? Dragon Prince, your deception has gone too far. Who in the world would not know about one of the three biggest kingdoms: Dragon Empire, and its ruler?"

"I'm an Assassin." Liola frowned slightly, confused as to why he was mistaken as the Dragon Prince, something he couldn’t comprehend.

Miluo suddenly stopped laughing, and his eyes were filled with hate. He didn't believe anything of what Liola said, and thought the Dragon Empire's Dragon Knights were becoming less and less chivalrous.

‘To save his own life, he would lie as far as this... that runt couldn't be given to someone like this!’

Miluo lifted his bleeding arms, his eyes narrowed, and his arms began to change: skin turned into scales, muscles doubled, and fingers became sharp claws. Miluo said with hatred: "Die!"

Broken Silver was already in Liola's hands, and it was already unsheathed, revealing a sharp dagger.

Liola had temporarily put the promise of not killing in the back of his mind, because he didn't think that under the current circumstances, it was possible for him to kill Miluo at all. Or perhaps he should run?

Liola's mind flashed with the most intelligent choice, but... Liola scanned the protective shield. If he were to run, what would happen to Kaiser and the others?

But why should he care about those three? He had only met them for a bit over a week.

While Liola stood where he was, fending off Miluo's ferocious attacks, his instincts wanted him to run. An assassin would never fight his opponent head-on, nor would they attack when they are at a disadvantage.

Instinctively, Liola wanted to run, but his feet stood firmly on the ground. Liola's conscious thought, he had already let Anise die, and he couldn't let it go even now.

If he were to let Kaiser and the others die here, then perhaps he would never have the courage to speak to anyone else again.

"Dragon Blaster!" Though Miluo didn't understand what Liola was struggling with and why he was distracted, but he wasn't going to let this opportunity pass. When his Dragon claw was in front of Liola's chest, Miluo used Dragon Blaster without hesitation.

When Liola realized what was happening, it was already too late. His body already flew off and blasted through several walls, only to be stopped by a large pillar.

He didn't need to examine his wounds to know that his internal injuries had turned from mediocre to severe, but without having time to recuperate, Liola instinctively raised Broken Silver to block Miluo, who had flown over and was following him.

This block made Liola's blood boil. Facing his enemies head-on was a disadvantage to him, but with his ankle fractured, Liola couldn't use his speed to evade Miluo's horrifying power. Every time Liola blocked Miluo's attack, he felt as if his arm was going to break.

"Liola-dage!" Purity screamed. The white clothes she had specially prepared for him had already turned red. Everyone could see Liola was in bad shape.

Liola finally couldn't hold onto Broken Silver any longer. When Miluo attacked, he hit Broken Silver out of Liola's hands, and it flew and got stuck in the protective shield.

Liola could only use his arms to defend for a few more attacks, however, he couldn't even raise his arms. They were deeply cut by Dragon’s scales, and his bones were vaguely visible in various areas.

Without being able to use his arms, Liola could only use his legs to defend.

Miluo let out an evil laugh. Ten black arrows appeared in his claw, and shot them with a wave of his hand.

Liola used Blood-Fluttering Ki to block the attack, and the dark arrows collided with his Ki, making Liola's blood-drained face even paler.

Liola's body went numb, and he no longer had the strength to stand up. He knelt in front of Miluo, with blood dripping out of his mouth to the ground.

Miluo looked down at Liola. With one arm, he grabbed Liola's thin neck, and raised him high in the air as if to show off. He even laughed evilly toward Kaiser, while purposely waving Liola's body back and forth.

"T-this is too ridiculous!" Purity had tears covering her face, while her body was trembling.

She kicked Meinan at the back of his head, making the "Protective Shield Generator" unconscious. Thus, the layers of shield instantly disappeared.

"Uh, Purity, do you know what you're doing?" Kaiser gulped as he backed away a few steps. He even kicked Meinan in attempt to wake him up.

Meanwhile, Purity was unusually calm, and without any signs of fear.

She started making various gestures with her hand, and started chanting some indecipherable incantation. The presence of magic forced Purity's black hair to fly in the air.

Miluo realized something was wrong. He threw down the dying Liola, and rushed towards Purity.

When his claw was just about to reach Purity's face, a gunshot sound occurred.

Miluo didn’t care much about an antique weapon, for the handgun couldn't do enough damage to him. However, a strong wave of magic and flame made Miluo duck. A white bomb brushed across Miluo's face, which made him scream in pain.

The white bomb crashed into the side of a rock. Though the hole it made was only half a meter wide, and its power seemed nothing compared to Miluo's black spheroid, but if someone were to measure the hole, they would find a surprising depth of the hole...

‘Compressed Fireball?’ Miluo's iris contracted. The fireball was white.

‘How long had it been since someone used a white fireball?’ Miluo thought of Kaiser as another threat, so he immediately raised his claw to kill Purity and get rid of her first.

"Kyaaa, so ugly!" Purity finally finished her incantation. However, as soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Miluo's face, which was already half destroyed by Kaiser.

Because of the surprise, Purity immediately used her magic, and Miluo's whole body was surrounded by her terrifying magic.

Miluo felt a strong pull behind him, confused, he turned around only to see a black hole behind him. He finally understood what was going on, and he let out a scream louder than when he was hit by Kaiser: "Damn! Space Magic."

A strong gravity pulled Miluo's body into the black hole.

Miluo struggled with all his might, and he even left deep claw marks on the ground. He finally realized that there was nothing else he could do, so he screamed at Liola, who was lying on the ground:

"Dragon Prince, just you wait. I, Miluo, will never forgive any Dragon Empire royalties!"

As he finished his last word, his last claw could no longer hold on, and he was sucked into the black hole. After the black hole had "swallowed" Miluo, as if it had been satisfied, it obediently closed its mouth. Everything went back to normal, as if nothing had happened.

And the ruins were even more in ruins. Everything that should or shouldn't have been destroyed, had all been in shambles.


"What's going on?" Meinan finally woke up, but he didn't see Miluo, so he asked his friends what had happened.

Purity and Kaiser didn't answer Meinan, they simply looked at each other. Finally, Kaiser pointed at Purity with blaming eyes and yelled:

"You had this kind of magic but you didn't use it earlier? Why did you wait until Liola was almost dead?! You obviously wanted to see how Liola looked when he was covered in blood, you vicious woman!"

"Ridiculous! Purity would never want Liola-dage to die." Purity protested profusely:

"Besides, why didn't Kaiser use that white bomb earlier, then Liola-dage wouldn't be hurt by Miluo. Kaiser is the vicious one."

"Are you joking?" Kaiser wouldn't back down either:

"Do you know how hard it is to successfully cast that magic? Last time I tried, I almost blew myself up, and I had to spend a fortune just to patch my wounds. Do you really think that I would use it all the time? You really think I have too much money for hospitals?"

'Hey... The most important thing is your life, right?' Meinan thought while black lines covered his face.

Purity pouted and said:

"At least you would only kill yourself. The last time I used this magic, I almost sent the entire Aklan Academy into the black hole, so do you think I should use it all the time? And then they would have to find more students to accept, how troublesome it would be!"

Of course, after the incident, she never admitted that the space magic was her doing, although she had always felt that principal Barbalis already knew...

'Hey... The important thing is the students' lives, right?' Meinan was already on the ground, speechless and crying.

He wept towards Liola: "Liola, we are still alive. How miraculous!"

"Can you tell me about Dragon Empire?"

Liola turned his head toward Meinan, but as he tilted his head, blood gushed out of his mouth like water out of a facet, but in his eyes, he still showed a desire to know the answer, though that too was diminishing. Then Liola tilted his head, and went unconscious.

'This guy isn't normal...' Meinan realized that despite his strange habits, he's probably the most normal person out of the four.

"If you argue like this, Liola is really going to die." Meinan placed Liola on his back, and anxiously yelled at the other two who was still screaming at each other.

Purity and Kaiser both turned their heads around, and saw blood gushing out in every areas of Liola body, despite the fact that Meinan had already bandaged parts of him. The blood from Liola's mouth and his pale face indicated that, if they don't get some help soon, there would be an additional corpse here in the ruins.

"Purity, use your space magic and send us back to Aklan Academy." Kaiser said immediately.

Purity instead said with tears: "I don't know how. I have no idea where my space magic would send people to."

"What?!" Kaiser screamed in surprise: "Then where the hell did you send Miluo? Don't tell me you only sent Miluo back to the Yaron Plains?"

Purity shook her head, because she had no idea where Miluo was sent to. Perhaps he's in the next room, or perhaps he became an interdimensional traveler like Liola.

"Purity, can't you at least try?" Meinan asked anxiously: "Yaron Plains is too far from the city. Liola will never live long enough for us to reach the city."

Purity was just as anxious, but she was too afraid to try because she didn't know how to position her magic. If she uses it to send Liola and the rest of her group away, no one would know where they could end up.

Seeing that Purity had no confidence in positioning, Meinan and Kaiser were both helpless. Judging from Liola's wounds, perhaps they would be visiting his grave the next year...

"Kaiser, tell me about the Dragon Empire." Liola, who was unconscious seconds ago, raised his head and asked.

"...Someone is dying and you're still asking questions?" Kaiser was surprised, and snapped. But he was worried that this might be Liola's last moment of consciousness before he dies.

"Someone is dying?" Liola asked, confused: "Who's dying? Is anyone hurt?"

Kaiser, Purity, and Meinan all yelled unbelievably: "You are the one dying!"

Liola was stunned. He's going to die? Liola frowned, wondering if he missed any fatal wound in his last scan. To make sure, he checked his wounds again. Though he did confirm that he had sustained heavy injures, but they weren't enough to kill him.

Liola asked skeptically: "Why am I dying?"

"Your arms are almost similar to a skeleton!" Meinan pointed the arms around him that were covered in blood.

"Hm, I can't move my arms for now."

"You are covered in blood!" Purity observed that his white shirt had turn red.

"I've already stopped the bleeding."

"You are f—ing spitting blood like a water faucet." Kaiser yelled.

"I have internal injuries, so I'm spitting out the clotted blood."

Kaiser and the others stared at Liola, who should be "near death". After a long moment of silence, Kaiser said calmly: "Okay, actually... It's because we want to kill you!"

Liola replied calmly after observing: "Even with my disabled arms, fractured ankle, severe internal injury, and severe loss of blood, the chance of the three of you succeeding in killing me is less than 10 percent."

Upon hearing this, Kaiser laughed coldly, and raised his gun. A small white bomb slowly materialized.

"Stop! Kaiser, calm down, you are going to blow yourself up..." Meinan and Purity quickly held Kaiser.

Kaiser struggled and said: "Let me go! Let me butcher this ungrateful bastard!"

Liola frowned, and with a light jump, he got off Meinan's back, and landed with his left foot. He bent over, and with his mouth he took out the dagger from his boot. As the three stood still, stunned by his actions, Liola disappeared where he stood, and then the blade of Broken Silver appeared a centimeter away from Kaiser's neck, with Liola standing behind Kaiser like a ghost.

Kaiser's face was immediately changed to a flattering smile: "Liola, you know, we've always been best buds! Why would I really want to harm you? I was just kidding, just kidding!"

Liola moved Broken Silver away, and accurately spit it back into his boots. He seemed indifferent towards Kaiser's lack of humor, and said plainly: "Didn't you guys want treasure?"

Treasure! Lights shone again in the other three pairs of eyes.

Liola nodded towards the right: "Over there."

"What kind of treasure?" Kaiser asked curiously.

"A stone with energy." Liola answered directly.

"Is it a art piece/sword/gem?" Three of them asked together, but each with what they wanted.

Without responding to any of the questions, Liola said softly: "Behind that pillar."

Though each of them three were disappointed that it was just a rock, but even if it's not what they wanted, simply because Liola said that it was ‘emitting strange energies’, it meant that, even if it's just a rock, it was definitely not an ordinary rock.

Better than nothing, was what they thought. So they all ran as fast as they could to the pillar Liola pointed.

A bright ‘rock’ quietly laid on a pedestal, waiting for them.

Judging from the snow white light that the ‘rock’ is emitting, they all knew, this ‘rock’ was hundreds of times more valuable than the treasures they've seen before.

Kaiser even gulped continuously, then murmured to Liola: "Liola, next time, if there's any rock emitting energy... no, no, if anything emits energy, please tell me first, and as soon as possible."

"Such a pretty gem!" Purity had already forgotten anything about swords. Her feet walked towards the rock as if they had minds of their own, and her eyes had only the reflection of the rock.

However, Kaiser was faster than Purity, and suddenly ran to the rock and held it in his hands. Purity, on the other hand, also seemed to show a woman’s natural desire for gems.

When Kaiser held up the gem, Purity also put her hands around the gem; her pouting face indicated that she was determined not to let go.

Liola turned to see why Meinan didn't line up to grab the gem, only to see that Meinan had gotten a huge mirror out of nowhere, together with a comb, and was combing his tousled, gold hair carefully. He then pulled out his bottle of cologne, carefully sprayed it around his body. The carefully grooming Meinan didn't seem to care at all about the gem.

While Kaiser and Purity were each trying to grab the gem for themselves, they didn't realize that the pedestal on which the gem sat, flashed some strange pattern, and then slowly disappeared.

But Liola noticed something was wrong. Something was moving around the ruins. Something that shouldn't be moving.

Even though the fight between Miluo and him had caused many loud explosions, ‘they’ hadn't moved, but why would they now...

Liola looked at the gem in Kaiser and Purity hands as if something was on his mind.

'Perhaps that gem was some sort of seal?'

"Uh... Purity, Kaiser..." Originally Meinan was about to put two strings of hair back to where they belong, but what he saw in his mirror made him decide otherwise.

Meinan took a couple of steps toward Liola, and trembled as he tried to remind the two friends of his, who didn't notice the surrounding dangerous due to the allure of the gem.

A few headless ‘people’ walked past Liola and Meinan, completely ignoring them. Their target was obviously that gem... Or perhaps the two people who were trying to take the gem.

Seeing that the two had already been surrounded by corpses, Meinan couldn't hold back anymore and yelled: "Purity, Kaiser! Look around you! Stop fighting!"

The two finally seemed to be woken up.

After being stunned briefly, Purity and Kaiser finally realized the situation they were in. Purity immediately screamed, and let go of the gem. She ran back to Liola, while trampling a few corpses on the way. She then held onto Liola tightly.

Only Kaiser was left.

He gulped, and carefully put his arms around his precious gem. He wanted to run back to Liola like Purity, but he wasn't successful like her. Wherever Kaiser went, all the corpses moved in that direction.

Finally, Kaiser was just about buried by corpses. He got angry, and pulled out his gun and fired at will. For corpses that had heads, he shot the heads, as for the others, he shot the legs.

However Kaiser quickly realized it wasn’t helping his situation. The corpses didn't seem to mind that they didn't have heads, and the ones with broken legs crawled on the ground towards him.

With more and more corpses coming out of the surrounding rooms, Kaiser finally started calling for help: "Liola, help me! If you want, I'll share 0.5 carat with you!"

Liola said plainly: "Put the gem back to where it was."

"What are you saying?!" Kaiser ground his teeth: "No! This is my darling. I'm never letting it go."

"Put it back, and the corpses will stop." Liola calmly determined.

"Never! Not even if I die!" Kaiser screamed.

"Let's go." Liola said straightforwardly, and at the same time turned around to leave this strange ruins.

"Wait, are you really going to leave your friend behind? Damn you, Liola, we are friends, how can you possibly leave me behind! Remember when you first came to this world, who took care of you? Who answered your questions?" Kaiser cried on the top of his lungs.

Liola thought quietly. All he remembered was someone telling him to go the shelter.

And by now, the corpses had already gotten a hold of Kaiser. The decomposed and smelly hands had grabbed Kaiser's ankle, shoulder, arms...

Sunday, 22 September 2013

KNM: Volume 2 Chapter 1

This chapter is brought to you by AnmesicCat, Masadeer, and StellarAshes.

Strange Ruins

"It looks terrifying." Purity hesitated. To Purity, dark and cold places were too scary.

Kaiser grunted: "Have you ever seen a place with treasures that wasn't eerie and scary? If it were less scary, the treasures would have already been taken by now, or did you think it would wait for you? So the scarier the place the better, then other people wouldn’t come in before you. Understood?!"

Purity and Meinan nodded their heads, as if they've been taught a valuable lesson.

"Hurry up hurry up, the treasures await us!" Kaiser screamed, and waved his hands as if he had already gotten a hold of the treasures.

"Treasure!" Purity's eyes flashed light beneath her huge glasses.

‘The treasure must be a legendary sword, and stuck in a rock. Liola-dage wearing elder brother's white Knight uniform, and under a ray of light, will pull the sword out. God, that would be too cool, too handsome, and too great.’

Purity, who had always wore magical contact lenses, was afraid she wouldn't be able to wash them properly during an adventure, so she had to wear humongous glasses. Cute girls will be cute girls. To match her dresses, she actually brought more than ten sets of glasses, and they took up more than a third of her luggage.

"Treasure!" Meinan brushed his bangs, and he was intoxicated by the various sets of white china, silverware with engraved patterns, and uniquely shaped candelabra adorned with jewelry.

‘Ah! If one could dine within such art, what an elegant atmosphere it would be.’

"Treasure!" Kaiser held his fists tightly. He dreamt of bills flying everywhere, a bed lined with money, endless amount of food, and an advanced housekeeping Maxun beside him to take care of all the chores. How wonderful!


Liola's face was still expressionless because he was still currently using Heart of Consciousness to scout the surrounding of the palace.

The palace was a little strange. There were some places Heart of Consciousness can't seem to penetrate. Then he saw something that could be the cause of this — a piece of rock that was emitting a strange energy. Liola was starting to get curious about this rock.

With the anticipation of running into what they each consider to be treasures, the four of them stepped into the dark path. With Meinan's Luminescence, the shape of the palace was starting to be visible.

There was a huge corridor, and two rows of strangely-shaped demon sculptures were lined up on each side, but this was not enough to scare the three of them who had been captivated by the idea of treasures.

As for the fourth person, Liola, it would be lucky for demons if he didn't scare them into tears.

After they walked through the corridor, there was a fork in front of their path. What's different was that, one path was filled with candlelight, as well as many majestic armor and beautiful vases. Not to mention, many majestic armor sets, and beautiful vases. Not to mention, many other shiny decorations that were enough to turn Kaiser's eyes into dollar signs.

The other path, however, was as dark as the corridor they had just passed, as if it was hinting at the darkness of their future.

"Which way?" Liola asked concisely.

But as soon as words left his mouth, the other three had already ran towards the bright and glamorous road.

One person stared at the armor and swords with worshipping eyes. One was fixing his hair in front of a large bronze mirror carved with various gods,while the last one was desperately stuffing any stuffing anything shiny inside his bags and pockets.

Liola frowned, and said: "There is a rock emitting energies at the end of the other road."

Unfortunately, they completely ignored Liola. Had Liola used "gem" instead of "rock", perhaps he would get a tiny bit of attention. But, in Liola's eyes, rocks are rocks, be it diamonds or cobblestones.

The only thing that truly interested Liola was the strange energies coming from that rock.

However, the other three people were completely indifferent at his opinion, Liola said plainly: "I'm going to the other path and check it out."

He thought about it. The path Kaiser and the others picked didn't seem to be too dangerous, and Kaiser and Meinan were more than capable of handling a few small traps. So without further hesitation, Liola walked into the dark corridor.


Without Meinan's Luminescence, the pathway was pitch-dark. For an ordinary person, it would be similar to walking with their eyes closed, and they would be practically unable to move. But for Liola, who had grown up in the dark, and spent more time in the dark than in the light, it was hardly difficult.

Liola walked as he normally would, and before long, he reached a stone door. Liola stopped two meters before the door, and also a centimeter before the contraption on the ground.

It was a common mechanism. When weight is put on the stone pressure plate, it will slowly sink deeper into the ground, and it would activate something bigger.

Liola thought, 'Would this trigger a fatal trap, or open the door?'

'Perhaps both.'

He had already sensed the area around the door. Other than the contraption on the ground, there was nothing else.

In other words, unless he wanted to break open the door with brute force, he would have to step onto the pressure plate before him.

Ever since he came to this world, he felt like he had lost the alertness he had before. While Liola thought of his circumstance, he stepped on the pressure plate, and prepared to face all kinds of dangerous situations.

However, nothing happened other than the stone door in front of him slowly opening. It led to an empty room. No, it was technically not completely empty. There were buttons on the wall, and a large screen covered with layers of dust.

To Liola, who couldn't fully comprehend Maxuns, these buttons and screen were no more than patterns on the wall.

Other than curiously pushing a few buttons, Liola didn’t do anything else. Finally, he headed for another door in the room, and continued his journey to find the strange energies emanating from a rock.


At this time, on the other side...

"I'm rich! I can really lie on a bed for the rest of my life and still afford food." Kaiser hugged a strange statue that was a bit taller than him.

It was standing upright, with crossed arms in front of its chest. Though Kaiser didn't understand why the statue was so simple and completely different from Meinan's idea of beauty, but what mattered the most was, it was completely made out of gold.

"Dear goldman, I'm never letting you go for the rest of my life life." Kaiser repeatedly kissed the golden statue.

Kissing gold seemed like a strange thing to do, but compared to the guy blowing on the mirror and wiping it clean, and the girl rubbing a sword with her face... Kissing gold seemed quite normal.


Even if the three were in their own fantasy world, they couldn't ignore the clear sound of metal colliding. Meanwhile, after the clanging sound vibrated throughout the area, it was followed by a sound of a heavy stride. Only one thing appeared in all three of their minds — armor!

Kaiser laughed wryly: "Don't panic, armor cannot walk. Maybe the stand fell."

Purity froze on the spot and tears filled her big eyes. The sword she was touching moments ago was slowly raised itself in the air. The cold sword swung merely centimeters away from her face, and the metallic foot got off the stand it was on, clanging the ground below it.

Meinan backed his face away from the mirror, and trembled as he looked at the reflection in the mirror. There seemed to be a bunch of metals that ‘shouldn't be able to move’ but were up and about, running around.

"D-don't panic." Kaiser said with a trembling voice: "Even if the armor moves, they may not be harmful to us... But... Has anyone seen Liola?"

"Uwaaahhh, Liola-dage said, he was going to go check out the other path." Purity was crouched on the ground, held her head and cried.

"Defense Shield!" Meinan yelled hurriedly, shielding himself and the bronze mirror behind him.

As soon as the shield formed, a scary greatsword brutally slammed itself against the shield.

Meinan sweated and said in relief: "Lucky! Luckily my mirror is okay."

"Don't touch my goldman! You pieces of metal trash." Kaiser held up his gun, and turned its setting to the highest.

He fired at will towards three sets of armor, and they were riddled with holes, becoming pieces of metallic trash.

"AHHH!" Purity screamed on the top of her lungs, and her trembling finger was pointing somewhere.

Somewhere... If Kaiser and Meinan remembered correctly, wasn’t there a super large armor standing in that direction? And the clanging sound that resembled earthquakes seemed to have confirmed their fear.

Kaiser frowned, looked at goldman, then back at the valuables he carried, and said with anguish:

"My goldman, I'm sorry. I can't give up the treasures on me for you, nor my dream of eating on my bed for the rest of my life."

After he moaned, Kaiser immediately backed up ten meters. With tears in his eyes, he saw goldman being flattened into a sheet metal by the huge armor.

Seeing the huge armor charging at him, Kaiser quickly ran toward the exit, meeting Purity and Meinan on the way.

They ran as fast as they could, and they were followed by a long line of walking armor, including one that was destroying the ceiling and walls as it walked. The place where they were before had immediately turned into shambles.

"Where the hell is Liola?" Kaiser screamed.

"My bronze mirror is gone, uwaaahh." Meinan was sad beyond belief, and with two rivers of tears streaming from his eyes, he ran for his life.

Purity responded to Kaiser's question: "Uwaaahh, we went the wrong way. We're dead, and I will never see Liola-dage wearing another Knight's uniform."

‘Wrong way?’ Kaiser looked at ruins behind him. If they turn back, they would most likely become corpses embellishing the shambles.

"I-I have never missed someone so much in this life. Liola, where the hell are you?!"


Compared to three people missing him, Liola was leisurely examining the new room.

He deduced, the other three would spend a long time being intoxicated in that room, so there was no point for him to hurry back.

To Liola, the room he was in was yet another strange place.

There were many coffins laying around, and a portrait was found on every coffin. Liola opened a coffin, and found a corpse wrapped in bandages. It was quite extraordinary!


Kaiser took a deep breath, and looked at these ‘boxes’ with portraits. His instinct were alerting him of the possible dangers. But considering the way they came from had walking armors, they couldn't turn back.

"Kaiser, I-I'm scared." Purity was trembling so much that Meinan, who was carrying her, was swinging back and forth.

"Don't look. Shut your mouth, and don't scream." Kaiser turned his gun to the highest setting.

"Kaiser, I... I'm scared too!" Meinan turned pale and said: "I'd rather take my chances with the armor, than to run into rotten flesh."

"What the hell are you saying!" Kaiser grunted in disdain: "Corpses don't walk!"


"Didn’t it sound like a box that hasn't opened in a long time, was being opened?" Meinan asked with a strange expression on his face.

Kaiser's irises dilated as he saw every box cracked open one by one.

He screamed: "RUN!"


The shape of the coffin was very similar to the cross Anise had given to him.

With some hesitation, Liola took the cross from Anise out between the collars of his shirt, and started wondering who was really responsible for him sending him to parallel universe.

Liola walked in front of yet another door, but he couldn't find any levers to open this door. The only thing he saw, was an indention on the door in the shape of a cross.

Although crosses were fairly common, this particular cross had a pair of Dragon’s wings in the center, which was uncommon.

This was the reason why Liola had started wondering. ‘Could it be this uncanny? That this ruin had something to do with Anise?’

"Should I put Anise's necklace on it?" Liola hesitated and could not make up his mind. This was, after all, the only thing Anise had left him, and he didn't want to destroy the necklace.


"Liola, do you believe in fate?" Anise asked leisurely, as she had always had.


"Really?" Anise laughed playfully:

"You don't think that our meeting was destined? If someone didn't order a commission to kill me, I wouldn't have gotten caught and brought here. And if I didn't know how to heal, the organization wouldn't have kept me. That day, If you hadn't been injured for the first time in your career, you wouldn't have come to me for healing."

Anise suddenly held Liola's hands, and she said emotionally:

"I believe in fate, Liola. I believe that our encounter was very significant. I hope, that you won't run away from that significance, okay?"


At that time, he didn't give Anise an answer. Back then, he could only do as the organization asks of him, he didn't have the ability to give Anise an answer.

But now... Liola put the cross into the wall, and said firmly: "OK!"

The stone door slowly lifted, and a huge Dragon statue appeared before Liola's eyes. It was a giant Black Dragon, whose statue looks somewhat similar to Baolilong, but far bigger, probably more than ten times bigger. There was also a huge horn on its forehead that Baolilong didn't have. From far away, this statue looked practically like a black mountain.

Liola started to wonder if this was really a statue. It looked too life-like. The huge Dragon was made up of shiny black scales, and they made it look darker than the hallway behind Liola. It made him feel that if he gets close to this Dragon, he would never be able to see light again.

"My destiny seems like it has something to do with Dragons?" Liola shook his head. First it was Baolilong, now he meets another one.

Liola decided instantly that, regardless of whether this was a statue or a real Dragon, considering his injuries hadn't fully healed and his ankle bone was broken, he wasn’t interested in forfeiting his life against a Dragon ten times the size of Baolilong. So he decided to leave without waking the Dragon.

Taking back Anise's cross, Liola walked as if he were a ghost, and without making any sound he walked across the Dragon and reached the door on the other side.

He planned to continue his journey of fate, but who knew that as soon as he opened the door, there was definitely something he had been destined for. After he had opened the door, water came flowing in, together with three other people.

Liola side-stepped lightly, and dodged the stream of water coming from the door he just opened. He also fished out three people in the water, to prevent them from being pushed by the stream and collide with the Dragon’s skin. The three were completely wet, their clothes were torn, and they were gasping for air.

Liola was quiet for a second, then asked: "Were you guys looking for me?"

The three discomposed people raised their heads, and Kaiser even hugged Liola's leg and cried:

"Uwaaahh, I will never leave you again. Not only did we get chased by armors, surrounded by mummies, we even almost drowned by water. Had you not opened the door, we would've all drowned outside. What's even worse was that all my treasure was washed away, uwaaahh."

"Liola-dage, sorry, Purity should've followed you obediently." Purity bawled.

"Cough, cough..." Meinan couldn't say anything. Purity was on his back, and she held onto his neck so tightly that she nearly broke his neck. This was the reason why he couldn't use his shield to save their lives.

Liola didn't say anything, but instead remembered something Kaiser murmured before:

"We may be last two people on the world that should have met. One causes trouble, another makes the trouble worse."

Liola remembered those words because he was now certain the Dragon in front of him was definitely not a statue, and the eyes of the Dragon were blood-stained red.

Kaiser probably realized there was something wrong with Liola. He gulped, and he was wondering what the hell it could be to upset Liola, who would remain expressionless even if the sky falls.

Kaiser slowly turned his head back, saw what was behind him, and immediately stood up.

"I'm sorry, I was wrong. I think we should go separate ways!"

Kaiser took less than a second to say his parting words, while running in the direction of mummies and walking armor.

He'd rather help bandage the mummies and oil the armor, than to stand in the sight of this Dragon.

Meinan and Purity had also finally seen this mountain-like Dragon behind them. Purity climbed back onto Meinan's back again, while Meinan continued doing what he was doing before — carrying Purity, and ran behind Kaiser.

Liola and the Black Dragon stared at each other, and neither of them blinked. It had almost felt as if it were Baolilong playing a staring game with him.

‘This Dragon really looks like Baolilong... other than the color. Could it be...’

The blood-red eyes of the huge Dragon stared at the small body of Liola.

A terrifying Dragon mouth slowly opened, showing sharp teeth not unlike those of Baolilong, and then the room thundered with the Dragon's voice:

"You have my child's smell."

Liola was stunned briefly, then said: "You're black, it's white."

"Its color is white."

Liola was quiet again. ‘This place was related to Anise, and Baolilong's father... Was this all fate?’

"Do you want Baolilong back?"

The Black Dragon, who had not moved, slowly raised its head: "Baolilong? You named it?"

Technically speaking, Kaiser named it, but Liola nodded.

The Dragon let out a thunderous laughter, and the dust from the ceiling fell as a result of the laugh. Liola dodged a few of them, without making any sounds, and he waited until the Dragon's deafening laughter stopped.

"You want Baolilong back?" Liola asked again.

The Black Dragon grunted in disdain: "Why would I want that runt back?"

"I'm leaving then." Since the Black Dragon didn't want its child back, Liola was planning on looking for Kaiser, so that they wouldn't lose their lives here.

"Leave?" The Black Dragon laughed coldly.

Hearing the murderous intent of the Dragon, Liola stopped and, without turning back, asked: "Are you planning to kill me?"

"You are very direct, I kind of like you." The Black Dragon narrowed its eyes:

"Unfortunately you are that runt's master, so you have to die. But before you die, I will let you know the name of your killer. My name is Miluo. Tell me your name, runt's master."

Liola's eyes grew cold as well...

"Liola!" A scream came from afar. Kaiser and the others ran back to Liola. Kaiser hurriedly asked:

"Liola, what's outside of the door on the other side?"

Liola looked at the door he came from, and answered truthfully: "Nothing at all."

Kaiser bowed: "Thanks, then I'm going to run for my life. You have a nice chat with Baolilong's dad."

In fact, Miluo's voice was so loud that even Kaiser, who was running further and further away, had heard him, including the declaration of killing him.

Kaiser was only forced to turned back because the things that were chasing him were far too many and appalling.

Liola felt an abnormal heat behind him. His instinct told him to move away from the door. A fiery three-headed hound jumped out of the door. The center head looked at Kaiser, and shot out a stream of flames directly at him.

Seeing this, Kaiser jumped behind Baolilong's dad, and caused the flame to land on Miluo's body. Miluo had finally moved, and his enormous wings flapped, trying to extinguish the flame with the wind. But this instead angered the three-headed hound, whose heads all shot out flames, but this time it wasn't at Kaiser.

Dragon vs. Hound, who would win?

Dragons and hounds were on different levels, and just judging by the size difference, anyone would know that the flaming hound losing would be just a matter of time. However, Miluo seemed to hate flames, and as long as he was avoiding the flames, they seemed to have been evenly matched.

"Liola, hurry, let's go." Kaiser waved his hand beckoning, gesturing Liola to flee.

Liola didn't hesitate, and he left with Kaiser. Liola wasn't interested in this Dragon-hound war, he was just a bit curious: "Where did you guys find this hound?"

"That you'll have to ask our great magician, Mr. Meinan." As he fled, Kaiser said snappily.

Liola was in shock. The hound was the result of Meinan, who had never gotten into any trouble?

"I..." Meinan showed an innocent expression: "I accidentally stepped on a hound statue's tail; who knew it would become a real hound and started chasing us."

"This place is really strange." Purity had already cried her tears dry, and she weakly said on Meinan's back.

"If this was wilderness survival, then who in the world could survive in this kind of wilderness?" Meinan said, with a pale face.

"Damn that geezer Barbalis. He obviously wanted us to die here." Kaiser swore, outraged: "When I get back, if I don't pull out all of his beard, I'm going to change my name to 'Kaiter'*."
[T/N: Kaiter would mean ‘Kai-Idiot’.]


"Barbalis, the Yaron Plains shouldn't be hard to Liola, but wouldn't it be too hard for others?"

Mizerui stretched comfortably and continued sunbathing: "Liola could get careless, and then..."

Barbalis sipped his bubble tea, and waved his hand:

"It'll be fine. We won't lose a single one of our toys. The strongest thing on Yaron Plains is the Leikesi Dragons, which is just 15 meters tall and 20 meters wide.

Meinan's protective shield is as thick as the skin on his face, and Leikesi Dragon will never break the skin on his face... I mean, never break his protective shield.

Though Kaiser's true strength is unknown, but at least this guy has mastered the Kung Fu of running for his life.

As for Purity, if she gets ferocious, then you will understand how much of a human weapon she actually is..."

Mizerui listened with increased interest, but these four interesting guys were sent so far away for a month, which means he won't have any toys to play with for a month.

"A month is a long time. Why did you send them to the far away Yaron Plains?" Mizerui complained.

"Mi-ge, reconstructing the dorm would take at least a month, right?"
[T/N: Mi is the short form for Mizerui, while ge (bro) is the short form for gege (brother).]

Mizerui looked at Barbalis skeptically.

‘Constructing the dorms takes a month? A week would be already too long.’

If all Maxuns in Aklan Academy were utilized, the construction could be done within a day. Even a Dragon Prince's palace wouldn't take more than three weeks.

"This definitely won't be a simple dorm!" Mizerui already saw Barbalis' sinister grin, and soon, the smirk on his face as well.

‘Fine then, let Liola and the group rest in the Yaron Plains for a month, then they can resume playing after.’

Mizerui leisurely turned, and imagined many fun scenarios in his head.