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Ark: Volume 2 Chapter 9

This chapter was brought to you by AnmesicCat, BlankBlank, Charles, Droker, and Lei.


I'm sure you're all wondering why Japtem didn't pull any prank this April Fool's day, and I must admit, I stopped them from destroying the hopes and dreams of all leechers. They wanted to redirect the website to a hacker's website to make everyone believe they had been hacked and will be dropping all projects! How dare they?! When I got a hold of the information, thanks to my secret source, I managed to prevent it from happening.

There will be no bad pranks on my watch! Only favorable and satisfying news. For example, another early release of Ark! All leechers must hail me! Long live the Random Leecher! Random Leecher for president! For Overlord! World domination!

— A random leecher.

PS: If I disappear from the face of the earth after this release, my murder should fall on Cat, the previous Overlord. She has informed my secret source that my head is getting too big. I'm stealing all her dazzle. Pssh. But who can blame her for being jealous? I'm much more liked by the readers.

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