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LMS: Volume 16 Chapter 7

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Weed's Ideal Type

Vampire Kingdom Todeum!

Yurin's Painting skill improved as she painted the Vampires.

"How are they?"

"Very good. Pretty lady, would you like to go to a quiet spot for a glass of wine? We'll go to my castle and draw in the dark curtains to prevent sunlight from shining in. Then we'll have time all to ourselves until morning, in my coffin..."

"No way!" She refused the seductions of the Vampires coldly. Going along with the Vampires could end with sharp fangs plunged into your nape.

'Looks like I've gone through most of this place, too.' Yurin decided to conclude her journey in Todeum.

In Todeum, there were many paintings created by great artists. There were many works by masters that any painter would want to see at least once hanging here and there. Thanks to that, her Painting skill improved considerably, but she wanted to travel throughout the vast continent.

"Shall I move to a different place?" Yurin stood from her seat.

With a broad-brimmed hat pressed onto her head, she packed up her paint container and sketchbook. On her back hung a large brush.

Level 16.

At that level, it was impossible to even arm herself with good weapons. This brush was really just an ornament she had pulled out from the treasure trove of the Vampires. Its broadness was good for painting and it also had the effect of stunning weak monsters.

It was made of Mithril!

Since its durability was high enough for the hair on the brush to not fall out, it was quite useful.

"Well then, shall I go?"

Yurin roughly painted a picture onto the ground.

The scene she painted was one of the pub where Pale and the others drinking beer as they watched the video of Weed's battle. She drew things like Pale and the party members, the tables and the gathered people, and the interior of the pub.

When moving to an area she has never been to before, she had to make a fairly accurate depiction. If there was even the slightest difference in the portrayal, she could end up in a completely different place. However, when moving to a place with a person, she had to draw that person's portrait exactly.

If she roughly drew the party members and the location, she could use her Picture Teleportation skill.

After drawing the pub's scenery, Yurin drew herself sitting at an empty seat at the group's table.

After that, she was sitting in the pub.

"Kyaa. A King Hydra came out!"

"This is the best! Is he really a sculptor? The size of that monster really isn't normal."

The pub was ringingly noisy, almost painful to the ears, from the sounds of people ordering food and beer, and there was even an uproar of boisterous cheers.

Although Yurin had suddenly appeared, no one paid any heed.

"Come quick."
"Have you been well, sis?"

As expected, Hwaryeong was the very first to greet Yurin. With that, Yurin greeted Irene, Romuna, and Surka, whom she had not seen for a long time.

"So you were in Todeum until shoulda come sooner."

"There were many things I wanted to draw. I was busy doing drawing quests. Now that I've come, please buy me lots of tasty things, sis."

"Sure. I'll buy you anything."

Hwaryeong and Yurin clicked really well. They chatted busily even while watching Weed's video. Because Irene and Romuna were also chatty, there was no end to the conversation of the girls.

"You changed your equipment?"

"Yeah. The last outfit was too revealing, y'know. This time I picked an elegant outfit. What do you think, is it alright?"

"It's really pretty. Where did you buy those earrings from?"

"They're a monster drop. They're from Goblins, do they suit me?"

"They suit you really well."

Da'in also introduced herself to Yurin first. "I'm the party's Shaman...Da'in. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too, Unni."

Da'in was pretty shy, but because they were really nice people, she opened up to them quickly.

Then, while they were chatting and watching the adventure video, after exchanging a few greetings, a question suddenly jumped out from Hwaryeong's mouth.

"Yurin, what kind of girl does your brother like?"


"I mean... does he have a preference in a girl's personality, appearance, or stuff like that?"

"Are you asking me about his ideal type?"

"Yeah. Don't you know a lot about your brother as a little sister?"

It was loud in the tavern due to the battle video, but people's attention was more drawn to the table where Yurin sat.

The ideal type of Weed, who had never shown the slightest interest in women.

"I don't know either."

"Why not? Hasn't your brother dated anyone before?" Hwaryeong's eyes gleamed exceptionally.

"Not that I know of."

"I see. Still, there has to be an ideal type he likes."

"I kind of know, but I don't know how to explain it."

"For example, what about a girl like me?" Hwaryeong smiled brightly as she asked. She, who ranked number one as the most desirable date and wife in world-famous magazines! Hwaryeong was full of dignity, charm, and confidence.

Yurin slightly shook her head apologetically. "Unni... is probably not brother's ideal type."

Hwaryeong quickly became glum and asked, "What part of me is lacking?"

The party was shocked.

How could he dare to not love Hwaryeong? What kind of deep reason could there be?!

Could it be a painful story of the past? Or was it because he was worried about getting swept up in a scandal since Hwaryeong was a top celebrity?

"Sis, how many clothes do you buy a year?"

"About fifty or so. I also receive a lot of clothes from my sponsors."

"My brother hates spending money on buying clothes."

Hwaryeong, who was wearing brand-name clothes, brand-name heels, and brand-name perfume, could never become Weed's ideal type!

"Then what about me?" asked Irene, smiling demurely.

Since she had befriended Yurin through in-game whispers, Irene asked it half-jokingly.

Pale and Zephyr silently nodded. No man could dislike Irene. She had a devoted, kind, feminine, and had an austere personality. Plus she was pretty to boot.

"I don't think you're is his ideal type either, unni."


"He won't like that you'll probably get scammed later because of your kind nature."


Romuna also asked, "How about me?"

"Since unni has a snappy, firm personality.... but because of your major...."

"What's wrong with my major?"

"You're a music student. My brother says he doesn't like that because it takes a lot of money to play music."

A deep-rooted prejudice against the fine-arts!

Hwaryeong spoke sulkily, "Does he even have an ideal type of woman?"

"Actually though, my brother probably doesn't even think about his ideal type. I don't really know about things like his preference, but it'll work with the right mindset."

"A mindset he likes, huh."

Yurin looked at Da'in and continued, "I think Da'in-unni is the closest to my brother's ideal type."

"Why?" Da'in smiled happily.

Sometime in the middle of hunting in the caves of the City of Heaven, Lavias, Weed had told her:

- You're my ideal type.

They had many conversations at the time-- they'd also talked about ideal type.

"I really don't know if it's okay for me to ask..."

"It's fine, ask."

"Unni, how do you manage your long, straight hair? Do you go to the salon often?"

"Nope. My hair is naturally easy to style, so I've been growing it for a few years."

"You don't like earrings, rings, and other accessories, right?"

"Yeah. I don't put on cumbersome metal things."

"As I thought! You also like to wear clothes modestly, right?"

"I buy them mostly from the supermarket. Only the goods on sale in February!"

Weed's perfect ideal type had appeared!

Da'in also realized this fact while answering, and her complexion changed as it paled. It was because she now realized why Weed had said she was very nice, and his ideal type.

* * *

Together, Weed and the barbarians took over the walls at lightning speed. The Undead had already pushed into the fortress so the walls were empty!

Weed took out the High Elf Yerica's Bow.

"Spirit of the wind."

Aided by the spirit of the wind, the arrow flew and penetrated the head of a Dark Knight in the blink of an eye.

The Salmere Tribe exclaimed, "Let's shoot arrows too!"

"Fire until your quiver is completely empty! The time has come for us hunters to act!"

The Salmere Tribe hunters took out their bows and fired. Despite shooting two, three arrows all at once, each shot was a perfect hit!

With arrows fired from above, they were utilizing the enemy's sieging advantage against them. Weed relentlessly only aimed at the Dark Knights.

- You have subdued Dark Knight Benson with an arrow.
- Experience has been acquired.

The arrow assault barraged the Dark Knights swarming below.

At a buffet, too, your hand went to the tasty foods first. "Pork roast and bulgogi are must-haves at a meat buffet!"

You had to fill your stomach with rapidly cooking meat. When Weed received his paycheck, he went to a meat buffet with his sister. They only stood after viciously eating meat to the point of nauseation.

The satiety he felt when his belly was so full it was hard to walk... there was nothing more beautiful and peaceful than that memory.

Weed's treasured memories of his adolescence.

"There are monsters everywhere!"

This situation clearly reminded him of a buffet. Attacking weary enemies to increase his experience and contribution!

Since normal soldiers weren't even worth the value of the arrows, he obstinately avoided them. Even if Weed didn't get them, the Salmere Tribe's arrows were pouring down like rain.

"Enemies have appeared."

"We have to stop the arrows..."

The Embinyu Church's army wanted to retaliate against Weed and the Salmere Tribe, but they didn't have a chance to because the Undead army was bearing down on them.

Atop the naturally advantageous walls, they fired arrows over the heads of the Undead. The Undead were involuntarily protecting Weed's troops while fighting. Thus, due to the unexpected storm of arrows, the Embinyu Church's soldiers took continuous damage.

Dead soldiers instantly revived as Undead. The Undead increased exponentially. Simultaneously, the balance of the previously closely matched battle broke and the Undead army pressed forward.

The Vejague Tribe warriors drummed their shields with their swords. "We want to fight, too."

Weed nodded gravely. The current situation could not be solved with arrows alone. They had to bring it to an end when the Embinyu's army was greatly weakened.

"I'll give you a hundred Salmere Tribesmen. For now, go towards the inside of the castle with them!"

"Inside of the castle?"

"Bypass the walls and enter the inner castle. There will probably be Priests and Magicians of the Embinyu Church there. Kill them!"

Using the observation skill he had honed through sculpting, Weed roughly estimated the fortress' structure. The Embinyu Church was still able to firmly hang on because of the fundamental strength of their Priests. Their soldiers took strength from the recovery and holy magic and fought on.

Their resting place had to be raided.

Then the soldiers wouldn't be able to heal anymore, and they wouldn't be able to take the poison attacks of the Imoogi and Undead, and thus they would fall apart.

There were probably Dark Knights protecting the Priests, but the Vejague Tribe was worth believing in.

"But we don't know where the Magicians and Priests are."

"The Salmere Tribe's pursuit skills will help you. Yellowy, you follow them too."

His command even considered the specialties of the three tribes.

"Yellowy, open a path from the front."


He wanted to summon Death Knight Van Hawk and entrust the command to him, but he couldn't call him as long as Balkan Demoph was nearby. He couldn't use stolen goods in front of its original owner. In addition, if Van Hawk sought to go away with Balkan then it would be nothing but an enormous loss for himself.

"Thanks for leaving it to us."

"We're going inside."

The Salmere Tribe and Vejague Tribe hunters ran from the walls with Yellowy and entered the castle.

Yellowy's gaze!

The ancient paintings, decorations, and furniture within the castle were on fire. A group of guards and zealots were spraying water to quench the fire.


Yellowy's previously naive eyes were filled with rage, resentment, and displeasure.

Some people were so poor they didn't even have a shack to protect them from rain, but they built and lived in a castle this big and magnificent! With now violent eyes, Yellowy struck the ground. The enraged Yellowy's battle speed increased far beyond that of a battle horse. Actually, for an ability acquired at a fairly high level, there was really only speed and unrelenting endurance.

Thud thud thud thud thud thud thud!

Yellowy charged through the corridor wreathed in flame and surrounded with artwork.

"It's a MAD COW!"

"For the likes of a COW to enter our temple! Hurry and slaughter it!"

"We should sacrifice it."

Yellowy rammed his head into the zealots and guards who were warding him off with spears. He fought by throwing his weight into his attack.


Yellowy bellowed as he opened a path.

While in the mad cow state, it was as if he had lost his vision and was just charging while ramming anything he saw. He threw his head up, kicked to the side, roundhouse kicked, and even kicked using his hind legs, demonstrating the incredible attack power of the bull!

He fought so well it was hard to believe it was really the meek Yellowy. After parting with Weed, Yellow's coyness had completely disappeared.

Part of the Vejague and Salmere Tribe were able to seize the opportunity and easily bypass the zealots.

Even if they died, Embinyu Soldiers were all revived as Undead because of Dark Rule. Since they had to clear away the Undead, too, it took a considerable amount of time to advance.

Because Balkan, Feylord, King Hydra, and Black Imoogi were all engaged in a fierce battle on the grounds at the center of the fortress, the shaking of the castle walls from explosions was also a frequent occurrence.

In places that had been cleared out, the Salmere Tribe's hunters set up traps. The Embinyu Soldiers who moved through the halls or gave chase took a lot of damage from the traps. Good use of the Salmere Tribe's trap-setting skills was being made within the castle.

The Salmere Tribe discovered the Priests' waiting room.

"It's an enemy invasion."

The Priests, Dark Knights, and Soldiers resisted, but the Vejague Tribe completely wiped them out, even while taking great damage.

The number of Dark Knights was greatly reduced, and above all, the Priests' holy magic was no more. Knights lacking the strength to even pick up their shields were helpless against the long-range arrow attack.

They were able to end it with the Salmere Tribe's arrow attack, and the Vejague Tribe's valiant rush.

With the slaughter of over 200 Embinyu Church Priests, the Embinyu no longer had reserve forces.

* * *

While reaping excellent results, Weed and the savages fired at the Embinyu Church's troops.

The increased Undead army was running to the center of the castle. The skeletons and Death Knights sprinted.

"Seems like we'll go up against Balkan."

Balkan, the King Hydra, the Imoogi, and Feylord were fighting fiercely at the center of the castle. At Balkan's command, the undead threw themselves on the King Hydra, Imoogi, and Feylord. There were times when one side would go on the defensive, but victory did not come easily. Balkan, the Imoogi, and the King Hydra recovered very quickly even if they were hurt. Their health and defense were also high.

The High Priest Feylord's Holy Barrier just neutralized most attacks. Even Balkan's and the Imoogi's magic were neutralized. The Undead couldn't even draw near him.

It was hard to concentrate because of the King Hydra's extended heads attacked in every direction.

"There'll be no end if it keeps going like this."

Weed thought that it was time to make a decision. The weak point of the four-part division was that even if one side weakened, it was hard to finish it because the attacks would just be concentrated on another side.

"There's no time. If this goes on any longer, I won't know who'll go down first. Feylord won't last long, but if Balkan wins or the Imoogi is left, it'll be really tough to get rid of them."

It was quite tricky to fight Balkan's Undead army, the flying, magic-casting Imoogi, and the King Hydra's high Health.

With the Imoogi's wings broken, this was his chance. Weed took out the Copper Plate of Rest.

"Deeeeeath Seeentence!"

A dark energy gathered around the rusted, broken and cracked copper plate and headed into the fortress.

The durability was low, so it couldn't be used many times.

Weed threw down equal sentences on the King Hydra, High Priest Feylord, Lich Balkan, and the Black Imoogi. A dark red stigma was imprinted on their foreheads.

- You have laid the Death Sentence on King Hydra. Health recovery and body regeneration has been sealed for a day.

- You have laid the Death Sentence on High Priest Feylord. He cannot recover Health, Mana, and Stamina for one day.

- Lich Balkan Demoph's ability to Drain Life and Drain Mana have been sealed for a day.

- Imoogi Freykis' Health and Mana recovery will not work for one day.

- The Copper Plate of Rest has 4 durability remaining.

Death Sentence applies critical restrictions on creatures! In return, the Copper Plate of Rest was on the verge of breaking.

Weed used the Copper Plate of Rest again. "Defiled dead ones, follow your true master!"

The Demonic Spirits that had become puppets of the Embinyu Church and were fighting the Undead and King Hydra! The Demonic Spirits rebelled and did not listen to Feylord. Weed used the Copper Plate of Rest to have them attack the Embinyu Church soldiers that were protecting the area around Feylord.

- The Copper Plate of Rest has 3 durability remaining.

With the dark red brands on the Imoogi, King Hydra, and the Lich Balkan, they were forced to take serious damage.

The Lich Balkan's endless Health and Mana absorption had stopped, so he could no longer spew nearly infinite magic attacks.

The one that the greatest blow was probably the King Hydra. The King Hydra moved its nine heads to devour its targets and spew venom, but its huge body was nearly motionless, so it was taking many attacks. It quickly healed when the Embinyu soldiers and Undead stabbed and slashed it with spears and blades, but it no longer recovered.


The King Hydra's scream rang shrilly throughout the fortress.

With the Demonic Spirits converted, a battle royal where friend or foe was indistinguishable was unfolding within the fortress.

* * *

"It's a success."

Whenever he used the Copper Plate of Rest, Weed couldn't suppress his nervousness. Since it was on the verge of breaking, the copper plate could be a defective item. There were more than one or two fake or defective items that looked fine on the outside but had unbelievable interiors.

He worried that if it broke even before he tried using it, what the hell could he do!

"As expected, I've got to use this carefully."

He only felt relief after he'd used the Copper Plate of Rest, however carelessness was prohibited!

A huge creature ran amok while destroying the fortress' towers. The King Hydra.

It was coming to attack him after discovering that Weed was the ringleader behind this whole fiasco.


With Undead dangling from it, the King Hydra was coming at him with incredible force.

Weed clicked his tongue. The appraisal for what he could earn had dropped considerably in no time.

"It'll be hard to get a full price for the leather."

King Hydra had only 5 heads left, and the body was also riddled with wounds. After losing its regeneration ability, bitten by the Imoogi, and having a Balkan's curse cast on it, it wasn't in top form.

The huge monster was near death.

In comparison, Weed, Bingryong, and the Phoenixes were alive and well, and over 5,700 barbarians also remained.

Weed raised his hand.

"Arrow attack!"

The Salmere Tribe fired arrows towards the King Hydra. The sharply pointed arrows' penetration strength increased as they spiraled around and around.


The King Hydra cried as it was struck by thousands of arrows.

Weed finally declared, "I've given up on even getting a second-hand price for you."

The King Hydra's leather was heavy and thick. Even so, because it was precious, it wasn't often used to make leather armor. Priests, Elemental Shamans, Summoners, and Magicians could not wear the King Hydra's heavy leather while fighting. The defense also fell compared to steel plate mixed with Mithril, so it wasn't an easy material to sell.

"At best, this material is only suited for making winter socks. Everyone, attack!" Weed made a violent command.

Bingryong immediately flew over and bit into the King Hydra's neck.

A massive body hundreds of meters long!

Bingryong, sculpted from a raw chunk of ice that was formed from gathering of ice and snow, blocked the King Hydra's charge with its hefty mass.

The Salmere Tribe shot arrows, the Vejague Tribe wielded their blades after returning from carrying out their task, and the Lekiye Tribe used magic to strike the King Hydra.

— Savages! To think insects like you would dare!

Nevertheless, the King Hydra leapt about courageously.

Even while entangled by Bingryong, it flung its tail as the heads shot forward and swallowed the barbarians. It even wrapped Bingryong's body with its head and pressed down.

It wasn't an ultra high level boss for nothing.

It was well over level 500, and it held its own in a fight against the Imoogi, Balkan's curses, and the Embinyu Church's attacks.

Weed waited a while. 'Despite resisting like that, it won't be long until it dies.'

For now, he took out the High Elf Bow and only shot arrows.

King Hydra was a stepping stone to his goal, and because there were a lot more enemies he must fight, he didn't deem it right to use up all his energy here.

Although he has the skill Power to Reject Death, he wanted to play it safe because it was only valid for one use.

He only had to wait for the King Hydra to kill itself from exhaustion!

More than 100 Vejague Tribe members had been eaten.

— Something like you can not kill me!

The King Hydra roared ferociously.

It opened its five mouths and shouted towards the sky.

Although it was pierced with thousands of arrows to the point of resembling a porcupine, and those wounds getting bigger and bigger, it refused to die.

"So was that... really true?"

Weed clicked his tongue as he stood before the majesty of a monster that would not fall.

The legend of the King Hydra.

According to the records of the Versailles Continent, the King Hydra would never die until its nine heads are cut off.

Now, they needed to cut off the five remaining heads.

"But there is a limit to King Hydra's vitality."

Its decapitated heads wouldn't regenerate just because it roared its death cry. Although it would be extremely difficult to cut off all 9 heads, it was not impossible.

Weed spread his Wings of Light and flew towards the front of the King Hydra.


The King Hydra stretched its head.

It opened its mouth and thick teeth that could crunch up iron were visible. Rocks would melt from a drop of its saliva. Anyone who gets swallowed up by this monster would face death.

"Be careful Master!"

Bingryong was keeping the King Hydra on the ground, so it would not be able to help Weed if he faced any trouble.

"Master, it's dangerous."
"Avoid it!"
"We're going to help you!"
"Master, come back!"

Rover and the Phoenixes' commitment were shown one after another.

They were all worried about Weed.

The Weed that his sculptures knew was someone was abused them, made fun of them, and only took the spoils of a battle at the drop of a penny!

The battle fought against Embinyu Church displayed a different side of him, but he almost lost his life because of the faceoff.

Perhaps it was inevitable because of limited vitality and mana, but all of Weed's sculptures apart from Bingryong saw Weed as someone they needed to protect.

'This is my battle.'

Weed folded the Wings of Light and fell from the air.

He dodged the King Hydra's attack and flew to the side of one of the heads onto Bingryong's back.

— Kyaooooooo!

King Hydra's heads were aiming at Weed like vipers.

The four, outraged, heads shot towards Weed.

While Bingryong unfolded his wings to try and stop it, two of the heads still threatened Weed.

Weed avoided the heads by a width of a hair by flying into the air.

There was no room for relaxed movements.

Because of the close proximity, it was impossible to move like so without predicting the attacks.

"Bingryong, I need you to do something for me."

Bingryong replied while biting into the King Hydra's neck.

"What do you want at a time like this, Master."
"Let go of the heads."
"Then you will become its target, Master"
"It's okay. Let go, now."

Bingryong believed in Weed. During the battle of the Northern Expedition, Bingryong wouldn't have been able to hunt down the Bone Dragon without Weed.

As soon as the King Hydra's heads were free, with strong hostility, it attacked Weed. Weed took the priority rather than Bingryong who was right next to it.


King Hydra's attacks were menacing and dangerous.

Weed stuck close to it and avoided its thrilling attacks.

He flew below Bingryong and King Hydra's legs and between its armpits to avoid the blows.

When he finished avoiding them all, King Hydra's long necks were entangled up like as if it went through a washing machine.

Weed recalled his experience with his part time job at the laundromat.

The ignorant people that were brutally using automatic washing for good clothes worth more than 100,000 won (~$100)!

It was a big mistake to think that putting detergent in would solve everything!

"It is best to hand wash laundry."

Weed sat down on its neck and raised up his sword.


The Ring of the High Priest that he was wearing covered his entire body in light.

- The Blessing of the High Priest has been used.
- Physical abilities are enhanced for 20 minutes.

It's duration was brief but he decided to use the blessing for the critical moment.

The legendary sword that was said to have cut down an Inferior Demonic Ice Daemon fell and cut down on the Hydra's nape.

"Sword Kaiser!"

His strongest attack skill.

Weed used his sword to cut down the tangled neck of the King Hydra as if it was a ball of yarn.

However, it's leather didn't tear with a single cut.

"Sword Kaiser!"

Using single point attack skills, he stuck down his sword as if he was splitting firewood.

"There is no firewood that won't split even after continuous strikes!"

Weed did not spare any health and mana for his skills and hit the King Hydra's neck.

Tied up with Bingryong's huge body, the King Hydra's necks were cut off one by one and were pumping out blue blood. It did not revive again.

The King Hydra fell after its 9 heads were gone.

- Level up.
- Level up.

The unfriendly and ferocious monster King Hydra, which dominated the swamps, has gone into eternal rest.

For completing a great achievement, Fame has increased by 350.

- Strength has increased by 3.
- Vitality has increased by 10.

He had managed to level up two times for getting the finishing blow on the extremely injured King Hydra.

Of course Weed did not forget what he needed to do; to pick up the spoils.

- A large sapphire crystal gem has been acquired.
- A strangely shaped feather hat has been acquired.
- Sophia's Deed has been acquired.
- A total of 3,140 antique gold coins have been acquired.

1 Gold and gold coins are usually exchanged at the same rate. However, old antique coins would be exchanged for far more.

"The profits aren't bad."

He should also check the other items but the battle wasn't over yet.

"Yellowy, come here!"

Weed pulled out his sculpting knife after calling for Yellowy.

Chop chop chop.

He used his hands to carefully cut the King Hydra for its leather.

Although the leather had a lot of scratches, he still put it aside hoping that it would not turn out to be useless.

Weed even made sure to take the King Hydra's head.

- The King Hydra's severed head #1 had been acquired.

Five heads!

The monster's body usually faded away, leaving only a portion behind, but these remained intact and could be picked up.

He made Yellowy to drag the King Hydra's leather and its huge heads.

"As expected from the drops of a big monster."

This must be how a fisherman must feel when he catches a whale.

The story of the old man fished a whale.

There even was a famous novel about a man returning back to land after facing a storm and losing his whale meat due to sharks.

It was such a sorry tale that brought the world to cry with it!


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