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KNM: Volume 6 Chapter 8

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His consciousness slowly floated along. He didn't think at all, he only turned over comfortably once in a while. He had not experienced such a serene life before. He did not want to think, no, he did not have to think. He just drifted along, not even knowing what he himself was.

"Liola, Li."

A familiar voice yet filled with fear shouted repeatedly. This was the word he didn't want to hear the most, his consciousness anxiously floated faster, hoping to distance itself from the voice.


The same name, but a different voice, so very familiar, so very sad. He hesitated, not knowing whether to continue drifting, but the voice had made him unable to leave.

"Liola, do not kill, alright?"

"I didn't!" He couldn't resist shouting. "I didn't kill. I haven't killed anyone anymore!" Finally, he floated back, floating towards the voice. He could vaguely feel a cross-shaped light, a very warm white light.

"Liola, find me."

"Who are you? Who are you?" His consciousness kept asking.

"I am... Anise."

"Anise!" His eyes shot open.

He felt disoriented, as if he was still drifting. He could only feel his eyelids, but he knew clearly he now had a body, and he could feel warmth coming from something in front of his chest. He concentrated on feeling, feeling the warmth, then regaining the rest of his senses.

From his chest to his shoulders, to his hand, to his fingers, then his fingertips twitched. Slowly, his hand opened, clenched, opened.

His sense of touch gradually returned, but he couldn't summon any strength, what exactly had happened to him? No, who was he?

Anise... no, not right, he wasn't Anise, he was the one who caused her death. He was... Liola, the number one Assassin.

He forced a smile. He remembered now, he and Anise were being chased by the organization, Anise died but he alone escaped to DuanChang Cliff, but what happened after?

Liola's head ached, the name Kaiser suddenly leapt into his mind, right, he met Kaiser, Purity, Meinan, Daylight... and many, many others. He was sent to another world, met a lot of people, and many things happened.

Liola finally remembered, but when his vision cleared up, he couldn't believe his eyes, his clothes!

He was wearing a normal cloth robe, not the comfy metallic grey sorcerer robes and not the dazzling white knight uniform, but a cloth robe, an overlapping lapel and a cloth belt. He looked at the bedside and sure enough, there were a pair of cloth shoes there.

Liola slowly raised his eyes. It was a familiar room; the wooden table, the bamboo bed he was lying on and the mud teapot.

'What happened?' Liola's heart was shrouded, and filled with even more panic.

A scary thought suddenly jumped into his mind and shouted wickedly, "Actually, you weren't transported to another world! There's no Kaiser, and also no Purity, Meinan, Daylight, not even Anise's twin sister! It was all your imagination! You wanted to leave this world so badly, so you had a long and ugly dream! There isn't such a thing as other worlds!"

"No!" Liola held his head and growled, he wasn't dreaming, Kaiser, Purity, and everyone else were real!

The scary voice shouted, "Then how do you explain this? No room can get more ordinary than this one, you were probably heavily injured after jumping off the cliff and were carried here, everything else is a dream. It was all a dream!"

'Not a dream! Not a dream...'

Liola clenched his head, he was so scared, he made a dent on the bed frame. He didn't dare to get off the bed, or to open the door, he didn't want to see his own world, much less believe everything was a dream!


A call came from his heart, but Liola was still a bit muddled, was it... Baolilong? Or was he... just fantasizing?


The voice called out again. Liola couldn't help wanting to go find Baolilong, but the moment his foot met the ground, he felt the roughness of it, totally unlike the smooth floor of the Aklan Sorcery dormitories.

He fearfully pulled his leg back, what if he ran out of the room, only to see his own world, yet unable to find Baolilong?

Liola once again withdrew from the bedside, he hugged his knees tightly and buried his head into them, not seeing, not listening.

But things turned out differently, the door was forced open ferociously, and a realistic voice shouted, "Papa!"

With his face buried between his knees, Liola's shoulders jolted intensely. He was too afraid to raise his head, not until a tiny body climbed onto him did he look up unsteadily. A pair of big pink eyes looked back at him, shedding large teardrops.

"Why did Papa ignore Baolilong?" Baolilong sobbed.

These pink eyes would not be found in his own world, right? Liola desperately told himself.

"Liola, you finally woke up!"

Liola instantly raised his head and saw a teenage boy with sea-blue eyes and a head of grass-green hair gaping at him with an exaggerated expression. Beside him stood a blue haired, golden-eyed male, also with a shocked expression.

Liola carried Baolilong in his arms and supported his weak frame over to the two. He looked at the teenager and the male.

"What, what are you crying about?" The teenage boy looked at Liola as if his eyeballs were going to fall out.

"Kaiser?" Liola asked uncertainly.


Regardless of the teenage boy's shocked expression, Liola hugged Baolilong with his left hand, his right reached out and hugged the boy tightly. This action shocked the teenage boy so much that he almost stiffened to plaster.

Liola released the teenage boy and turned to the blue haired, golden-eyed male, this time more calmly, "Daylight?"

The blue-haired male nodded hesitantly, and Liola hugged him too. After confirming the 2 big ones and 1 small one in front of him were all real, he was sure there really had been Kaiser, and Daylight, and everyone else.

* * *

In this most ordinary of rooms, Liola, Kaiser and Daylight sat around the round table while Baolilong sat on Flames' back, swinging his legs. Daylight poured tea for everyone, after which he took the lead and drank first, he was really liking the drink more and more.

Kaiser tapped the table and squinted at Liola, "You are saying that when you first woke up, you saw everything around you was from your own world and hence thought your travel to another world was fake? Including me, Purity, Meinan and so on were all part of your imagination?"

By now, Liola was fully awake and he nodded awkwardly.

Liola had really nodded, Kaiser was mad, he slammed the table,

"Are you an idiot or are you mentally retarded?! You think you are Nanke, don't think about why I would know Nanke! You son of a b—tch, you slept for a full year, now I can speak the language of this world even more fluently than you!"
[T/N: Nanke is a reference to 'a fond dream'. It was often used in discussing life was like a dream, and everything comes and goes.]

Liola breathed a sigh of relief, this was definitely Kaiser's tone. After voicing the reasons for his disorder, Liola curiously wondered where he was, so he asked Kaiser.

Kaiser snapped, "This is Skyward Overlook, one of the strongholds of the Yellow Faction Taoists. Let me tell you first, we are staying here as Taoists from afar. Our master is called Taoist Barbalis, and our faction is the Aklan Faction. We are the disciples. Daylight is the eldest disciple, you are the second, and I'm the youngest. Tsk tsk, it's because I look too elegant, so I had to be the youngest."

Daylight grinned and took over, "We were following our master's orders to travel around the world when we were ambushed by a demon near Mt. Sky. (The Dragon Emperor is the demon?) Liola, you were heavily injured, so we brought you to these Taoists for help, and ended up staying here."

"Oh! Right." Kaiser only remembered Baolilong after being kicked by its tiny leg, "Baolilong is an orphan we picked up from a village looted by demons along the way, as you found him first, so Baolilong calls you Papa."

When Kaiser brought up Baolilong, Daylight thought of his own Flames, and immediately added, "Also, Flames is a demon I converted, so it now follows my command."

Flames knew what a demon was, it bit its owner's trousers in dissatisfaction and Daylight smiled at it apologetically.

Upon hearing the pair's explanation, Liola nodded, "You already fully understand this world."

Kaiser looked at Liola haughtily, "Of course! If you hadn't been unconscious the moment you came here, we wouldn't have suffered so much! Do you know we spent 2 months before finding out that we are actually 'Taoists', not Magicians?"

Daylight scowled slightly, "Once they saw me with a pike, they kept wanting to give me a wooden sword use."

'Daylight using a wooden sword?' Liola wanted to laugh, but then he noticed their garments.

Daylight had his hair tied up into a bun, as was the local custom, and he looked somewhat scholarly.

In contrast, Kaiser's hair was still looking like overgrown weeds, his long sleeves had been turned into short sleeves and his cloth belt was tied with a bow.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, Kaiser casually said some poppycock, "Come in, everyone is clothed, even if we're not, there's no worry, we're all male."

"Kaiser what nonsense are you spouting again."

A woman around 30 years old walked in carrying a platter of food and smiled at Kaiser reprimandingly. She looked at Liola gently and put down the food, "After sleeping for so long, you must be hungry? Eat some food quickly."

Liola nodded, only after smelling the taste of food did he realize he was hungry. He bluntly picked up his chopsticks and immediately dug in.

The pretty woman fondly looked at Liola eating and said, "I am Lee San Niang, the daughter of
the head of this Taoist Overlook. You are called Liola?"
[T/N: The 'San' in her name means the number three. It is a common name in olden day China. It could mean she's the third child, or the third daughter of the family.]

Liola's eyes flashed when he heard her name and he slowly raised his head to look at Lee San Niang. Lee San Niang smiled at him and saw he had stopped eating, she asked, "What's the matter?"

Liola realized Lee San Niang's expression hadn't changed and he felt strange.

Although his name could be said carelessly in the other world, but in his own world, the name carried the title of the number one Assassin! But Lee San Niang's expression didn't seem fake, so Liola thought back on how she had addressed him. Her pronunciation was weird, it wasn't just weird, it was exactly how Kaiser pronounced it, and Kaiser had always pronounced his name wrongly.

Liola shook his head and said, "I'm not used to eating alone."

"Oh," Lee San Niang said and smiled as she got up, "Got it, you're shy, don't like someone staring at you while you eat? In that case I'll leave first, I'll come back later to clear the dishes, and my father also wishes to check on you."

Liola nodded, and Lee San Niang walked out of the room laughing.

"What's the matter?" Kaiser asked suspiciously, he wouldn't believe such nonsense about Liola being shy.

Liola glanced at Kaiser, "You shouldn't reveal my real name, I am the best Assassin in this world."

Kaiser and Daylight both froze, they had completely forgotten about it. When Lee San Niang asked about it, they just said the truth.

Kaiser asked uncomfortably, "Anyway it seems as if they haven't heard of it, an Assassin wouldn't be that famous, would it?"

Liola shook his head and explained, "I'm very infamous, everyone knows of me, it's your incorrect pronunciation that mislead them."

Daylight said, "Oh, right, at the start you translated your name, so it sounded weird in our world. After coming here, I finally realized your name actually means 'Moonlight'."

Liola shook his head, "Kaiser's pronunciation was inaccurate, it means 'Silver Moon', not 'Moonlight'."

"Hey! Why do you keep complaining about my inaccurate pronunciation, if I had pronounced it correctly, we would all be done for!" Kaiser argued loudly.

Liola didn't refute Kaiser, he was really hungry so he proficiently used his chopsticks to eat the food from olden days.

"Oi, Liola, are we not able to return?" Kaiser asked gloomily.

There were no Sorcerers here, and Purity with her space magic wasn't here either, and he himself didn't know space magic, so how could they return? Maybe they could try being split by lightning on a stormy day?

Liola's chopsticks stopped once again and he murmured a sorry filled with regret.

"Forget it, anyway it's not that bad." Kaiser lazily lay on the table, "Luckily only the 3 of us came, Daylight is an orphan, I'm also an orphan, and Gladiolus will probably look after my older sister. Anyway, us 3 don't have to worry about anything, we are fine anywhere, and if this world isn't as good it's at least more peaceful than ours."

Although Kaiser said it very casually, Liola had no way to be as casual. With the knowledge he had once again burdened two others, his heart felt like lead.

Daylight saw Liola's face wasn't looking too good, so he immediately changed the topic,

"However, the Martial Arts of this world are very different from ours, no wonder you rarely release any aura, Liola."

"That's right, when someone released aura at the start, he was taken as a Taoist and was bugged for a year about how Taoist must use wooden swords." Kaiser gloated.

Daylight rubbed his nose, "Kaiser aren't you the one who uses a wooden sword all day."

"Go! Or would you rather I shoot you with a gun? The last time I fired, old man Lee bothered me for a month, talking about how he wanted to borrow my magic weapon to do some research." Kaiser's face turned bitter.

Talking about old man Lee, Daylight also said awkwardly, "Master Lee is really... a bit too eager to learn, if Flames didn't spit fire everytime he got near it, he would have already captured Flames for dissection."

"You too! Liola." Kaiser winked and said, "If Baolilong hadn't guarded you to the bone, old man Lee would have already stripped you naked to study the purple glow on your skin."

However, Liola stayed quiet, and Daylight had his head lowered and was pouring tea seriously.

When Kaiser saw the two of them as such, he immediately understood someone was coming. He lay on the table and yawned. Sure enough, voices were drawing nearer and a moment later, there was a knock on the door.

"Besides old man Lee, everyone else can come in." Kaiser said lazily. However, the first to come in would not be anyone but old man Lee.

As expected, the doors opened and there was a crowd outside, but the first one to enter was Master Lee alone. He walked in with a deity-like demeanor, and if Kaiser and Daylight hadn't already seen through old man Lee's ability to annoy, they might really have called him God Lee respectfully.

"Hahaha, congratulations on the awakening of your second brother, pity the purple glow is gone." Master Lee lamented slightly.

"It's great the purple glow is gone, then old man Lee you won't have to get bitten black and blue by Baolilong because you wanted to kidnap Liola."

Kaiser snickered without suppression, but the others behind Master Lee, the disciples and Lee San Niang who had come in all laughed sniggered.

Master Lee calmly coughed twice and the disciples behind him immediately stopped laughing, but they were holding back their laughter and weren't actually afraid.

Master Lee approached Liola and smoothly moved to feel his pulse, but Liola coolly removed his wrist, letting Master Lee grab air.

He told Liola, "This master is just worried you didn't purge all the purple aura, it might cause future troubles, so I want to check your pulse."

After he finished speaking, Master Lee once again reached out for Liola's wrist, but Liola frowned and directly put his hand back inside the sleeves, which hung at his sides.

Master Lee impatiently stroked his beard, and behind him the disciples' suppressed laughter grew louder.

"Fine, this master won't force you, it's just a pity." The pity Master Lee mentioned, everyone knew what it meant, pity he didn't get to research the mysterious purple energy.

Although this Taoist temple was different from the ones Liola knew, but weren't they all serious with the disciples all a bit cautious of the master? However, Liola did not intend to be disrespectful, he stood up and bowed deeply, "Liola thanks Master Lee for his shelter and care."

Master Lee was obviously quite pleased with Liola's politeness, he laughed,

"Little brother, no need to mind. Watching the little brothers slaying demons with their utmost efforts, this Master also wanted to help, providing a room and some food is just a small matter, not to mention your brothers helped me out a lot."

"Che! Treating Daylight and me as free labor and you still dare to talk about it, one moment slaying demons there, another killing devils here."

Kaiser quietly grumbled, and this whisper was obviously clearly heard by the disciples at the back, the sounds of laughter didn't stop.

Master Lee was not bad at playing dumb, he took Kaiser's words as a gust of wind, without a trace, he continued asking Liola and Daylight,

"I wonder what you brothers plan on doing next? If you want to continue staying, then this master would do his best as a host."

"Damn! Two free labourers for a full year isn't enough, you want three free labourers for life?" Kaiser widened his eyes and shouted softly.

"Hahaha!" The disciples at the back cracked up, they each hugged their bellies or leant against the wall and laughed. Lee San Niang couldn't stop smiling tenderly.

Master Lee slowly turned around, "I wonder what you disciples are laughing about? Why don't you tell the master so he can have a moment of happiness too?"

"Che! He sure knows how to bully the disciples!" Kaiser desperately pulled faces behind old man Lee's back.

Master Lee obviously snapped, in an instant he had jumped towards Kaiser. He blew his beard, glared and shouted, "You brat, why exactly are you unhappy with this master?"

"Definitely unhappy!"

Kaiser had something to rely on, so he wasn't scared. He casually chanted a short incantation and the uninteresting small fireball popped out again.

Kaiser juggled it left and right, and Master Lee's pupils also hopped with it. He kept shouting his usual phrase,

"Too mysterious! Really too mysterious, this master researched for so long, but he still doesn't know what this fireball is, really too mysterious."

"I say, Master Lee, I suddenly feel like eating candied fruit, if I can't eat candied fruit I will be unhappy, and once I'm unhappy I won't be able to maintain the fireball, then you won't have anything to research." Kaiser apologetically said a long line of words.

Master Lee's eyes didn't leave the fireball, he shouted, "Void, immediately go and buy all the candied fruits in town, go now!"

The nearby disciples all laughed and looked at a young man wearing a white cloth robe, Void answered helplessly, "Yes Master, I'll go immediately."

When he finished speaking, he couldn't resist smiling at Kaiser, immediately going to buy candied fruits, he knew Kaiser didn't really want to eat candied fruits, but it was for the many little boys and girls inside the temple.

Liola was quite shocked by the strange scene happening in front of him, but Daylight laughed as if it were normal. Looks like Kaiser's gangster-like attitude, really is... an ox transported to another world is still an ox!

Daylight turned,and asked Liola, "Liola, do you have plans on doing something next?"

Liola shook his head, although this was the world he originally lived in, but in his earlier life, he really couldn't remember anything besides killing people. He did go outdoors to kill, but at that time he was as cold as ice, he didn't half remember what was between the organization and the destination. Truthfully speaking, to Liola this world was the real 'other world'!

Daylight nodded and said excitedly, "Then we'll travel around the world of Martial Arts and on the way, we'll go to see the Martial Arts Symposium, ok?"

Liola looked at Daylight in surprise. It was unexpected Daylight and Kaiser had already fully understood this world, perhaps even more so than himself... Liola smiled bitterly.

"This is a temple, although the Taoists have some martial arts background, but they cannot compare to actual martial artists, I really want to see the true brilliant martial arts of this place."

Daylight got more excited as he was speaking, and in the end his eyes almost glowed.

Liola listened to a 'Knight' like Daylight using terms like martial arts background and martial artists, he really felt strange.

Liola thought for a bit, although he was the best Assassin in this world, but only a few had seen him. Even within his own Assassin organization, besides the Leader and Yasha...

He suddenly remembered Yasha, the Leader's daughter. Liola smiled wryly in his heart. The one who should have come back didn't, and the one who shouldn't have, inevitably did.

There shouldn't be anyone who knew how he looked like, except for a mountain of corpses, Liola guessed.

Furthermore, Daylight and Kaiser weren't as fragile as Anise, plus they had the two Dragons, Baolilong and Flames. Even if they were found out by the Assassination organization, it would be very easy to run away, hence Liola nodded at Daylight.

Daylight, who was crazed about Martial Arts, immediately stood up. If Lee San Niang didn't speak, he would have already ran into his room to pack his luggage.

"Are you really leaving?" Lee San Niang looked dismayed, especially towards Baolilong.

Kaiser withdrew his fireballs (this made Master Lee whine nonstop), and flirtatiously said to Lee San Niang, "Lee-jiejie~"

The disciples all felt a chill.

"Back then our master asked us to travel everywhere, to expand our knowledge. Now we've delayed for a year because of an accident, we really cannot delay anymore, but don't you worry, Lee-jiejie, we will definitely return to see you."

Kaiser widened his wet eyes and said shakily.

Lee San Niang patted Kaiser's head with dismay, although this temporary brother was really mischievous, and in other temples would definitely be cast out for being too outrageous, but in her own temple where the rules were not as strict, Kaiser could really bring laughter and happiness to everyone.

For this brother to leave, although Lee San Niang was reluctant, she knew men had lofty aspirations, and Kaiser, with a personality like a wild horse, couldn't remain in the temple.

"But you should leave Baolilong here, such a small child is really not fit for an adventure, very vulnerable to danger." Lee San Niang looked at Baolilong with an extremely worried expression.

What a joke, Baolilong's strength was even higher than Kaiser's.

Kaiser kept the annoyed expression on his face, in his heart he whispered. Besides, they couldn't possibly stay. This 5 year old Baolilong hadn't grown an inch in a whole year. Some people had already begun to be suspicious. If Liola hadn't woken up when he did, Kaiser was going to have a discussion with Daylight about finding another place to stay.

"That's not possible. Jiejie, it's not like you don't know how much Baolilong sticks to Liola, and Baolilong is so~~ restless. If Liola leaves, Baolilong would just run away to find Liola recklessly."

Kaiser opened both hands, with a helpless expression, "Instead of him chase us, why not just let him follow from the start, it's also safer."

Lee San Niang recalled how Baolilong had stuck to its papa. Liola didn't wake for a year, but as a result, Baolilong didn't get closer to anyone else. Each night would even sleep only with Liola, it looks like Kaiser was right.

"Oh, then you need to take good care of Baolilong, after all he is still so little." Lee San Niang looked at Baolilong pitifully.

"What?! You're leaving?! Then what will I do with my fireball research?"

Master Lee became attentive and started shouting immediately, forgetting his carefully maintained poise, but then again, ever since Kaiser arrived, his poise had disappeared within the short span of one month.

"Damn geezer, I've already told you more than a hundred times. This is my 'special ability', it's useless no matter how much you research!" Kaiser shouted rudely at old man Lee.

Master Lee immediately showed a pathetic expression, "I only wanted to research, I might not necessarily... "

Kaiser instantly ignored old man Lee's looks. Old man Lee saw they really were leaving, and immediately threw away his poise and begged Kaiser to show him the fireball last time, but Kaiser obviously didn't want to hear it...

When he saw Kaiser being so familiar with everyone else, and Daylight was also exuding an 'I am the peerless martial arts fan, give me martial arts, nothing else needs to be said.' appearance.

Liola didn't really know if he should be feeling sorry for bringing them to this alien world. How could these two adapt so quickly? He, on the other hand, seemed to have trouble getting used to his own world...

* * *

Liola took a deep breath, looked at the door, summoned his courage and walked out of the room with determination.

Walking down the very familiar narrow corridor, smelling the unique smell of the wood, it was much different from the metallic smell in Aklan, and Liola wondered which smell he was more accustomed to.

Outside the room, Liola saw an even more familiar training ground. Compared to the training ground the Assassination organization had, this one had a lot less blood stench and complicated weapons. There were only a few wooden dummies and a weapons rack by the side with a lot of wooden knives swords rods, but most of them were wooden swords.

Familiar stone walls, big wooden doors, Liola knew there would definitely be a couplet hung outside the doors, this was a temple, the couplets would have some relation to eradicating monsters.

Everything was so familiar, yet so strange, Liola shook his head, the familiarity of a world he had lived in for 20 years actually couldn't compare to a year in Aklan.


Upon hearing this shout, Liola looked down, Baolilong's tiny body was clung to his leg. It was too habitual, Liola sometimes forgot Baolilong was clinging to his leg.

"When papa was sleeping, mama spoke to Baolilong." Baolilong widened its big pink eyes and said.

Liola froze, he didn't understand what Baolilong meant.

"Mama said, if papa wants to stay here, then just happily stay here. But if you want to know the truth, and return to the former world, look for Anise!"

Liola jarred strongly, he didn't think one bit Baolilong was fabricating stories, Baolilong would never say those kinds of things. It was definitely the result of another, to make the immature Baolilong remember, it must have been repeated a lot...

Baolilong's mom, Liola instinctively stroked the Dragon Cross Necklace and recalled the gentle voice from it, was she Baolilong's mom?

Liola frowned and habitually asked, "What about you Baolilong? Which world do you want to stay in?"

Baolilong raised its big eyes, "Baolilong wants to be with papa... " But afterwards, Baolilong seemed a bit hesitant.

"What's wrong?" Liola asked in concern.

"Baolilong is a bit worried about his old papa." Baolilong pouted its small mouth, "The last time I saw the old papa, he was quite strange..."

'Miluo?' Liola thought back.

The Miluo at Yaron Plains, and the Miluo who went to Aklan Academy to declare war for unknown reasons. There was a troubling feeling in his heart...

Liola jiggled his head, even so, what could he do? Finding Anise was impossible, Anise had already died, she died in front of his eyes...

As Liola was trapped in his frustration, there was someone stumbling towards the temple door, which was also the place where Liola was stood.

Liola observed closely, the person seemed like the one who had just been ordered to go and buy candied fruits... Void. Liola could somewhat remember this person's name.

"Quickly inform master, there is a demon at the western gate... " Void stopped short, his body turned weak and fainted.

Liola hurriedly caught Void's falling body, Liola then realized Void was splattered with slimy green mucus.

Liola immediately covered himself with a thin layer of aura to prevent the mucus from affecting him, then he carried Void and flew into the temple.

However, an ear-splitting noise made Liola stop in his tracks and looked behind. Even Liola could see the said demon, truly, there was no word but demon to describe the monster he saw.

A gigantic spherical green body was rolling around the city, the body was as tall as Baolilong and incited many screams. Liola coldly watched the thing in front of his eyes, why did he not know of such things existing in his world?

Right then, without Liola needing to inform them, those in the temple each walked out and stared in a daze at the thing they saw, even Taoist who had eradicated monsters before had not seen such a strange creature.

"Horrible demon!"

The first to react and said those words wasn't any of the Taoist, but the outraged Daylight. He immediately ran back into his room, intending to grab his pike.

Kaiser lazily walked out, when he saw the thing, he received a shock, "Holy crap! What the hell is that thing?"

"Daylight he..." Liola was very shocked by Daylight saying 'horrible demon', if he hadn't known Daylight was not a native of this world, he would have thought that Daylight was a righteous Warrior.

Kaiser shrugged, "This is the reason why we ended up being free labor, because there is a hot-blooded fellow. Basically, Daylight is quite famous around here. Everyone calls him "Blue Sea Lancer. I think the name is quite vulgar, but Daylight doesn't really care."

Right then, Daylight hurriedly ran back out carrying a pike, dressed as a typical Warrior. He shouted once and together with the many disciples, he rushed towards the green spherical thing.

Liola puzzledly looked at Kaiser.

Kaiser held his cheek and said, "Maybe, our little Aklan Troublemaker Squad would revolutionise this world, and the leader would probably not be either of us."

Martial Arts Symposium... Would it be better to not compete? Liola started pondering this question.


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